Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chrissy Voskerichian's contributions breakdown

Total $11,060 as of 5/11/13

Contribution Category                         #                        Amount

Total                                                  163                      $11,060

Family/Close Associates                         7                        $1,300

Former Halloran Employees                     11                         $410

Real Estate / Developers / Construction   9                          $850

Zuccarello / Zerillo family                       10                      $1,725

38.7% of contributions come from these 4 categories $4,285
22.7% of individuals come from these 4 categories 37

Other important info:

119 of 163 contributors, or 73%, are from the 19th Council District.
$8,160 of $11,060, or 73.8%, is from the 19th Council District.


Anonymous said...

She'll get 5 votes. It doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

La familglia di Z&Z...huh?
So Queens Garden Center is supporting her.
These are the same gavones who supported Halloran.

Anonymous said...

Voskerachion is a phony dog faced cop sucker.

Anonymous said...

Chrissy is a self important egotistical old wanna be whose claim of "executive" background is a joke. After she loses she can keep trolling Bell Blvd. bars.

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta admit, Chrissy's got more comments on Queens Crap than she'll get votes.

Open up your mouth and say "ah", Chrissy.

Isn't she divorcing her husband or vice versa?

Anonymous said...

She's into cops?
Maybe I mean the other way around.

Anonymous said...

Hubba, hubba...not a bad photo.
What shade of Clairol red does this 50 year old use to cover up her gray roots?

On second thought...I wouldn't want those sharp little teeth on my...well, never mind.

Let's leave it there.

Anonymous said...

what a joke, she resigns from being Hallorans Chief of staff and now wants his seat, to keep to corruption alive, she is not there for the people, but for whomever gives her money!

I'd like to know if anyone can post if fund raising money is public and how one can get this info, it should be I want to see who gave Halloran fund raising money since last summer?

Julio Mora said...

Chrissy has helped the neighborhood where she lives and the only reason why she worked for Holloran is because she wanted to work for someone who she though was an honest person. We were all fooled by Holloran and I know Chrissy is an honest person not a professinl politician but someone who we will help our neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I have worked with Chrissy for many years on neighborhood issues as a resident volunteer. The Chirssy I know is genuine and has moral values. On her own time, she has tediously worked to preserve a "little gem" we have here in Dist. 19, it's called surburbia. She has been instrumental in fighting overdevelopment and zoning issues. The commenters spewing such filthy lies should refrain from fictious gossip and concentrate on making a positive contibution to this world.