Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bye, bye Barry!

From the Queens Courier:

Former assemblymember Barry Grodenchik has ended his borough president bid less than a day after being beat for a key county endorsement.

“The next borough president must focus like a laser on jobs, education, healthcare, economic development and Sandy recovery,” Grodenchik said. “I am proud to have brought those issues to the forefront of the debate. But at this time, I believe that it is in the best interest of my family, team and party to end my candidacy.”

Grodenchik, 53, served as deputy borough president from 2009 to earlier this year, when he stepped down in order to run for BP.

The Queens County Democratic Party endorsed his rival, Melinda Katz, on Monday.

Sources close to the race said the endorsement, coupled with Grodenchik’s exit, was meant to give Katz a much-needed boost over front-runner Peter Vallone Jr. The councilmember leads the race both in polls and in fundraising.


Anonymous said...

Call it an epiphany, but I'm starting to think we have too many d*mn politicians...

Anonymous said...

Bye bye Barry, hello Peter.

Anonymous said...

What a schmuck. Who the heck is he? Never heard of him.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what job the Party found for Barry so that he would drop out.

Anonymous said...

Bye bye Barry, hello Katz.

Anonymous said...

he he he

It will be a battle of the Titans:

Listen to the Music: The Entrance of the Gladiators ~

Mr. Guardian Angels.


Mr. Public Safety.

Don't we all just love the performance!

Anonymous said...

Where else are they going to find work?

Anonymous said...

That lackluster hack can't do the job that he has.
Maybe he'll join up with that other patronage miller, Terri Osborne.

If we could only be rid of her.

Anonymous said...

This opens the field up better for Tony Avella.

Go Tony, go!

As far as alley Katz goes...she's better get another hot beef injection from Curtis Sliwa.
Melinda is looking a little pasty faced these days.
She needs a little color in her cheeks.