Monday, May 27, 2013

Not quite ready for Memorial Day weekend

The following are pictures of Francis Lewis park aka Whitestone park. This weekend being the unofficial start of summer, highlights how sad the maintenance of this park has been.

The leaves have been here since the fall, thru the Winter, and still here today.

The paths are littered with dirt, mud and broken twigs.

When is the parks department going to clean this mess up?

Who knows! They can't blame the MTABT for the conditions of the playground anymore. Lets see what excuses they come up with next.

Alfredo Centola
Malba Gardens Civic Association


Anonymous said...

It's every man for himself these days when it comes to getting the city to do something. A damn shame.
How much do we spend on these temporary Park staff by the way? It seems that they get very little training and supervision...and barely know how to work a broom....

Unknown said...

It actually looks better than some parks. At least the weeks looked mowed in some places :(

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me the state of absolute disrepair all our parks in Queens are in, and how everyone seems content about it. The city really needs to divert money and manpower from Manhattan parks to the outer boros where it is needed a lot more.

Anonymous said...

You all pay taxes. Now think how the city is spending it.

Are you benefiting?

Anonymous said...

Got to subsidize developers and political agendas you know.

Since they are a shoo-in during the next election - and there is nothing out there but apathy - this is what you get.

Now go home.

Anonymous said...


What ever happened to that speed hump and those stop signs in front of that park?

Neva gonna happen bub

Anonymous said...

you except the Parks Dept employees to do manual labor? they want to hang out, smoke cigarettes and hoot and howl with their homies.

Anonymous said...

Last week some idiot parks department people trimmed...uh desecrated and massacred the bushes around the basketball court in Bowne park and then piled the branches along the fence to be picked up.
Beautiful bushes just ruined because some dumb ass thought they were in the way, or ugly or some worker needed over-time.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like lack of supervision to me.

Who can speak to the parks commissioner about this?

Did your local councilman notice?

Have they ever complained about the parks in your community?

Is this an important topic in their newsletters?

Anonymous said...

Joe. - Caught DN Voice of the people section today. good job!

Anonymous said...

--how come nobody mentioned the beach, or pier we use to fish off of-----or the life boat station that was just east of the beach----while we're talking old time, what about edo--booster beach--whitestone pool---the bait shop, that was near the closed boat launch---------?