Friday, May 10, 2013

Shirley goes down swinging

From NY1:

Shirley Huntley would not speak to to reporters after her sentencing Thursday, but in court, she made a brief statement of apology, taking full responsibility for her actions.

Going outside of federal sentencing guidelines, which called for 18 to 24 months in prison, the judge sentenced Huntley to one year and one day and ordered her to repay the nearly $88,000 she admitted to stealing in a guilty plea, plus a $100 fine.

Despite her cooperation, the prosecutors declined to enter an agreement with Huntley because they found much of the information she provided to be "false, implausible and inconsistent."

In a passionate plea for leniency during the sentencing, Huntley's attorney told the judge that Huntley cooperated fully with the government and, as a result, the family has faced threats in their community. Huntley's husband told the judge that he was accosted this week outside a supermarket and warned that he would be "sorry" for his wife's cooperation.

Huntley's attorney went on to say that the former senator knew about a culture of corruption in Albany, and even claimed that bags of money were brought up in the state Senate elevators of the Capitol building.

The attorney said Huntley warned Governor Andrew Cuomo about pervasive corruption, and faced threats from current state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, whom she also accused of corruption.


Anonymous said...

It tickles me so to see her holding a smoldering cancer stick, and I sincerely hope that she doesn't have to complete her 366 day sentence...if you catch my drift. *wink, wink*

Anonymous said...

What a piece of crap.

Joe Moretti said...

I am glad that Huntley, one of many corrupt officials, is going to prison, but only a year, really and she will not even serve that. Before you know it we will not have anyone left in office in Jamaica. By the way Huntley has put out a CD in anticipation of going to the big house:

Anonymous said...

The idea that her husband was "Threatened" Is enlightening. What does that say about the democrat machine?

Anonymous said...

Stuff your apologies up your ass Shirley!
Why is it that only after crooks get caught, they show remorse?

This shifty jive turkey STOLE, and didn't think it was wrong while she was doing it!

As far as those threats against her family....BULLSHIT!

I don't believe a word of it.
She's shedding crocodile tears just to gain sympathy.

She sure is a "credit" to her race. awful lot of "Black" folk have been caught up in political corruption scandals lately.

Joe Moretti said...

ANON #5: You said "She sure is a "credit" to her race. awful lot of "Black" folk have been caught up in political corruption scandals lately.".

Pretty blatant racist statement. There have been an equal amount of white and Hispanic politicians as late as well. And there have been a good bit of people of color in some corruption bullshit, but what, only White politicians can be corrupt. But when a white politician gets caught, no one states "sure is a credit to his or her race". Politics is politics.

On the other hand Huntley is a piece of shit and no one cares about her remorse. The so-called threats to her family are just plain bullshit.

kozel said...

I bet they get to keep their pensions. That should be revoked as well. What's with her 2 male escorts sporting hats that imply military service? Their service should not influence the courts on her behalf.

Queens Crapper said...

There already are cries of racism.

Anonymous said...

Racism, my ass!
I'm talking about this slew of recent "Black" crooks that got caught, Joe. Quite a lot of them...huh?

Have you got a problem with the truth?

I also think that "White Honkie" Dan Halloran ought to be thrown in jail...which he may be shortly.

I think this ought to be as clear as "Black & White" to everyone where I stand.

Joe Moretti said...

I have no problem with the truth and I know there have been a lot of black politicians lately that have been brought up on some kind of corruption charges. My comment about a racist statement was from the person who said "a credit to her race". That is all. READ FOLKS!

georgetheatheist said...

What color are the prosecutors? Click on these names and see for yourself:

Preet Bharara

Loretta Lynch

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter who you are or how you are caught...
If you steal and lie you DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED!

Anonymous said...

Are Joe Bruno, Dan Holleran, Tony Seminario, Ray Harding, Brian McLaughlin, Vince Tambone, Joe Savino, John Haggerty,Jr. and Dennis Gallagher a credit to their race as well?

Carl Kruger said...

what am I, chopped liver?

Anonymous said...

It is not the color, it is just the fact that most are just plain dirty an dishonest