Friday, May 17, 2013

Half of Helen's staff in jeopardy

From the Queens Courier:

Half the staff at Borough Hall could get pink slips if cuts proposed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg go through.

Borough President Helen Marshall’s office is expected to receive about $3.14 million in funding for the 2014 fiscal year—nearly $1.8 million less than last year—officials announced at Marshall’s Borough Board meeting on Monday, May 13.

If the budget is approved, the cuts will result in half the staff’s dismissal, according to Chief of Staff Alexandra Rosa.

There were roughly 88 employees when Marshall was first elected in 2002, according to spokesperson Dan Andrews. If this year’s cuts go through, the current staff of 54 could be reduced to fewer than 30.

The question is, who will notice?


Jon T-dash said...

And when the Borough President's staff is reduced, will the reserved street parking spots outside Borough Hall be opened to the public, or be transferred to other privileged placard bearers?

Anonymous said...

Who will notice is right. What are the job functions of those Boro hall staff anyway?

Anonymous said...

Good bye and good luck

Jon Torodash said...

I didn't post the above, but adequate street parking in this area is currently a concern, and will especially be once the 20+ story mixed use apartment/hotel is complete.

Anonymous said...

It would make sense that Totino, Helen's personal photographer, be the first to go. And bye, bye Dan Andrews! Who needs that PR flack hack?

Irving Poy and Alex Rosa have permanent civil service positions...made possible through the efforts of Claire Shulman. But maybe they'll be "furloughed". If so, who runs borough hall? They've been holding up Helen for years.

Tony Avella for borough president.
Tony is his own man and doesn't need a retinue of fools surrounding him...just a few good hand picked staffers.

Anonymous said...

Another example of Bloomberg shitting on Queens. The less people in the way the more the developers can over-build and steal from the borough.

Anonymous said...

"Half of Helen's staff in jeopardy"

Well, she already lost half her brain decades ago!!!

georgetheatheist said...

Yeah, Sayonara Totino and your $80,000 a year salary to make Marshall look like she knows what she's doing. Did you notice folks how ever since this esteemed Queens Crap blogsite exposed Totino's wealthy salary - no heavy lifting - that Borough Hall no longer sends out press photos with the credit "Domenick Totino Photography" but "Courtesy of the Queens Borough President". I bet you press flunkie Dan Andrews read Totino the riot act after the Queens Crap exposé.

They run and hide but we always find them.

Anonymous said...

Time to shut down Queens Bozo Hall.

Anonymous said...

If you close down "Burro Hal", where will all these donkeys find a new job?

Keep 'em contained in the hall, where we can all watch them closely.

Otherwise they might wind up as chief of staff in your local councilman's office.

It looks like it's hard to win a decent game in the farmers' borough of Queens.

Too many voters have a farmer's mentality.

"Hey, Zeke...I've finally rid my lawn of crabgrass".

Anonymous said...

Just realized that Helen has been slowly turning into Mr. Burns from the Simpsons ... except she has more than one Smithers on her payroll to make her look good and keep her awake.