Sunday, May 12, 2013

Standard Motor Building is toxic

From the Queens Gazette:

State environmental officials have classified land beneath, and west of, the former Standard Motor Products building on Northern Boulevard in Long Island City a Hazardous Waste Site.

The state has added the site as a Class 2 Inactive Hazardous Waste Site as part of its list of Superfund sites, meaning the level of toxicity at the location “represents a significant threat to public safety or the environment”, officials at the New York state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) said.

DEC officials said the agency will oversee a three-month project to decontaminate an open area located at the west side of the building at 37-18 Northern Blvd., adjacent to the Sunnyside Rail Yards in Long Island City.

According to DEC officials, Standard Motor Products is responsible for the cleanup that will cost the firm $416,000 in construction fees with an annual cost of $289,000 for five years.

The six-story building, owned by Acumen Capital Partners, is currently occupied by a number of commercial interests, including several production companies that utilize newly created soundstages. In addition, the owners several years ago leased the rooftop of the building to Brooklyn Grange – a commercial urban farm that grows a variety of produce and farm fresh products.


Anonymous said...

They also should be looking at the land beneath the 5 Pointz site on Davis Street. It's VERY HIGHLY toxic!

Its slumlord owners, Jerry & David Wolcoff, know this. Let's see what the 2 recent test borings have determined.

RAISE HELL at the upcoming community board public hearing regarding the filth that the Wolcoffs have allowed to exist for decades at 5 Pointz.

And, please, don't blame the artists. They have tried imploring the slumlords to keep the place clean.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter. It will be filled with clueless hipsters within the year. Progress! Progress!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but all that dust and exhaust and the like gets into the plants - which are eaten.

Yet like a month to a light the developers are attracted to those yards.

Every few months we see the same headlines about [noise, etc] with Jimmy Van Bamer of furrowed brow with that silly little podium that they set up for photo-ops that has the city seal.


Anonymous said...

Filled with hipsters within the year?
Don't be so sure of that.

LIC is already glutted with too many "luxury" condos that aren't moving as fast as developers had hoped. Many have been converted to rentals.
Many of those overpriced units remain vacant.

The Wolcoffs don't have the 300 to 400 million dollars to develop their grandiose plan.

Google to inquire what slumlord Wolcoff has accomplished at the old Pilgrim State site.
Check out his financial stats too.

"Big" Jerry is a hoarder of crap properties.
He buys them up and lets them fester.

How do you spell S-L-U-M-L-O-R-D?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

most 'toxic' sites from years ago were replaced with a floating slab of cement, then is big box super store---name withheld, I shop there, but only when running