Friday, May 17, 2013

Briarwood site's been stalled for 3 years

From the Queens Chronicle:

An inactive construction site that has been stalled for years is frustrating the residents of Briarwood.

The lot located at 84-03 Lander St. was supposed to be developed into a six-story apartment house. But years later, the building remains unfinished, with metal columns that have since rusted over and a plywood fence that has become weather-worn and covered in graffiti.

“My suspicions are that they stopped working because they ran out of money,” Seymour Schwartz, president of the Briarwood Community Association, said. “They have a decrepit plywood fence that’s falling over and is very ugly in appearance, and it’s just a real eyesore.”

According to the Department of Buildings, a stop-work order was issued on March 26, 2010 for failing to protect the adjacent property — an active construction site for a similar apartment building next door. The builder was issued a second stop-work order in December 2011 for a collapsed and missing fence.

“Since August 2012, inspectors from the Department of Buildings have visited the site four times and issued four Environmental Control Board violations,” DOB spokeswoman Kelly Magee said. “The most recent round of violations was issued on April 10, for expired permits and failure to maintain a construction fence. DOB inspectors continue to monitor this as a stalled construction site.”

Though more than $24,000 in violation fees have been issued, Schwartz said he is pessimistic that anything would come out of the ticketing.


Anonymous said...

They obviously didn't hire the right lawyers who would payoff the right politicians who would speak with the right DOB officials.

Anonymous said...

Good. Maybe we'll get the right outcome.

Anonymous said...

Good. Maybe we'll get the right outcome.
The only outcome we will ever get get is this horrid pile of Queens Crap torn down, replaced a monstrosity twice as high.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the building is still there. The graffiti continues to increase and garbage piles around the building.