Monday, May 20, 2013

Wondering about status of "another crap too narrow"

"Hey Crappie,

I was wondering if you can answer a question that myself and my neighbors have.  On the stairs in Maspeth between 65th and 64th Streets, there is a 2-family home that began construction over 10 years ago; as of today the property is no longer under construction for at least 5 years and has never been completed and by the looks of it there are no plans to complete it. It is now just a hangout for people to drink and do drugs and is a blight to the neighborhood. Are there any stipulations that a developer has a certain amount of time to complete a project once started? Thanks for all your help on this and past problems." - anonymous

Nope! And not only that, if you leave your construction site an eyesore for several years, the City rewards you by including you in the "Stalled Sites Program" where they invite you to renew your expired permits free of charge. It must be nice to be a developer in this city, where the government bends over backward to help you make neighborhoods look like hell.


Anonymous said...

The Devonshire lampost gives it a nice Olde European look.

Anonymous said...

the pvt owner bought the land for 44k from the city then a few months later sold this property to a company that he owns and took a mortgage out from maspeth federal savings to pay himself over 500k for the same property and has been redoing the mortgage over the years with maspeth federal so he has barley made any payments to maspeth federal and pocketed a cool 400k , this is one of the most shadiest deals in maspeth.

Anonymous said...

Another failed DOB initiative: Stalled Sites Program. "Helps protect New Yorkers from unsafe stalled construction -- and enables owners and their crews to get back to work fast once financing is secured."

What the public needs is to be protected from unscrupulous owner/developers, politicians and the NYC Department of Buildings, its Commissioners, its Counsel, plan examiners, inspectors and all of their employees.