Friday, May 31, 2013

Queens pols want expanded gambling

From AM-NY:

Queens lawmakers and business groups are betting that casino table games at the borough's racino will bring riches to the local economy.

As Gov. Andrew Cuomo pushes his proposal for new non-Indian casinos to attract jobs and visitors to upstate New York, southern Queens elected officials Tuesday said their borough should get a piece of the action. They joined with the Queens Chamber of Commerce and the borough's Economic Development Corp. to push for approval of table games like poker and blackjack at the Resorts World racino at the Aqueduct Racetrack.

"We shouldn't be pitting one neighborhood against another, one county against another," said Assemb. Phillip Goldfeder. "Enhanced casinos will really help our state. But more importantly for Queens, it'd be a large part of Sandy recovery if we can bring more economic development and jobs to the neighborhood."

Cuomo's casino gambling plan would allow for three facilities to open in upstate New York. The proposal must get approval from the Legislature and voters in a referendum to change the state constitution.


Anonymous said...

We can also open opium dens to bring in revenue to the county...

Hey!!! Maybe we should learn to spend the money we have.

Anonymous said...

This is nuts! Has anyone driven around the outskirts of the Resorts "Casino" ? Pawn and Gold shops all over Rockaway Blvd, Liberty Av...
Foreclosed houses on numerous side streets
Bodegas, Filthy streets and sidewalks...dead trees
That casino is sucking the life out of South Queens and the city does not care

Anonymous said...

bodegas, pawn shops, filthy streets and sidewalks, foreclosed homes, dead trees-were there before the casino

Jerry Rotondi said...

Hell, I gamble every time I vote!

I pick one from column #1 that sounds good to me, and I might wind up rolling snake eyes!

Those glittering campaign promises that pols are so skillful at rolling off of their forked tongues--
craps--you're out stranded in the cold again with no return bus fare.

Are the odds for winning in Vegas or Atlantic city better?

Anonymous said...

It's all part of the plan.
Now this is a new one that I just heard... "REPURPOSING" the area.

Translation move out those "darkies".

Anonymous said...

Godfather said dark areas have no souls