Saturday, May 4, 2013

Electeds care more about girls in bikinis than dangerous construction site


I have lived in Astoria for 13 years in a house that my Great Grandparents bought in 1923.

For the past 5 years or more, we have watched the slow deterioration of the site at Steinway St. & 20 ave. If you were to look beyond the plywood fence, you would see what appears to be a wetland sanctuary complete with reeds, pussy willows and white egrets. The reality is that is it a mosquito infested swamp.

Now it appears as if the rebar "structure" at the SE corner of the site is leaning, in danger of collapse.

I have only recently written a letter to Pete Vallone Jr. asking what the status of this site is.

I look forward to hearing what he has to say.

Anyway - THAT is SOME CRAP!" - anonymous

Ah, yes, this is the perpetual construction site that was featured in this post about the "controversial" bikini bar opening down the block. Remember what I wrote? " you really think the electeds here are trying to protect Astoria, or protect the bottom line of the developer that is building the apartment complex?"


Anonymous said...

This is easy:

Do what Joe M does for Jamaica.

Go the 311 route because they tell you to - but expect no results.

Take pictures. Write letters. Go to the community board. Again, expect no results.

BUT, share with the world your treatment. Post on Crappy your lack of progress.

If you want this to stop, and not to spread to the rest of the borough, the only way you can rid yourself of an infestation is to turn on the lights and go in with bug spray.

Social media will be a game changer for 'politics as usual' in Queens.

Anonymous said...

Maybe those are the girls giving these pols free lap dances!