Monday, May 6, 2013

5 Pointz CB2 variance hearing coming up

From LIC Post:

The public will have its first opportunity to weigh in on the plans put forward by the owner of the 5 Pointz graffiti building—who wants to demolish it and replace it with two residential towers.

A public hearing has been scheduled for May 22, at 7pm at MoMA PS1, which is located at 22-25 Jackson Avenue. Testimony from that hearing will be taken into consideration by Community Board 2, when it decides whether to recommend the development proposal to the city planning commission.

The debate is not whether David Wolkoff, the owner of 5 Pointz, will be permitted to demolish the structure. He has the right to do that under the existing zoning law.

The primary reason for the public hearing deals with Wolkoff’s application for a special permit that would allow him to increase the scale of the two buildings above existing zoning code.

Wolkoff plans to erect two residential towers that would contain 1,000 market-rate rental units. One tower would be 47 stories high, while the other 41 stories. The base of the two buildings would include retail shops, artists’ galleries and a 250-car parking garage.

The two buildings would be 980,000 sqf. in total–more than 5 times the size of the lot (which is the limit). Therefore, he is seeking a permit that would allow him to build 8 times the lot area. For instance, Wolkoff is permitted to build 600-units under the existing zoning code; however, he needs a special permit to allow him to build 1,000 units.

As part of Wolkoff’s plan to get the permit, he is willing to provide about 30,000 sqf. in public space—well over the 20,000 sqf. that he is required by current zoning laws. Most of the space that Wolkoff is creating is for a public park at the rear of the site.

Why does the City allow variances in places that have already been drastically upzoned? Wolkoff can't possibly be arguing that he won't get a return on his investment if he doesn't get the variance.


Anonymous said...

250 parking spots for even 600 apartments plus retail. I guess everyone will be biking around. Let's see, 2 cars per family, forget the math you get my point.

Jon Torodash said...

It takes a very special kind of person to knowingly spend $500,000 on luxury condo in Queens, erected on the ash heap of the demolition of one of the truly unique art meccas of NYC (and the world, for that matter).

I predict that this person will typically believe him or herself to be "progressive," concerned about the community, and an arts aficionado. What a travesty...

Anonymous said...

Wolcoff & Son are a pair of bellowing blowhards...
big thunder...little rain!

Their egos are bigger than their cash flow.

Obviously, the elder Jerry "W" wants to cash out before he checks out. Isn't Jerry Wolkoff in his late 70s by now?

His "big deal" Suffolk County...former Pilgrim State Mental Hospital development a big bust.

It's a ruble strewn plot of land in the middle of nowhere...going nowhere.

"So, what's the story, Jerry"?

The story is...that these commercial slumlords, Jerry and David, are likely in tight financial straits.

They need this zoning variance to increase the value of the 5 Pointz that they can flip the property end extricate themselves from all the trouble that they're, financial, and possibly an expensive lawsuit settlement.

Remember Nicole, the artist who plunged about 40 feet to the concrete sidewalk below?

Because of the Wolcoff's neglect...the poorly maintained exterior stairs, suddenly collapsed as she stepped out onto them.

Obtaining a zoning change doesn't mean that this project will start for years to come.

Where will "big" Jerry and putz meister David find investors in this shaky economy, if they decide to go that route?

Anonymous said...

The 5 Pointz building is a toxic time bomb.
It's the site of the former Neptune Water Meter factory.

The soil beneath it is laden with juicy chemicals...
PCBs, solvents, oil, etc.

The clean up cost will be astronomical!

Even with federal "brownfield" tax abatements, etc.
J &D Wolcoff's big plans are a pipe dream.

At least when I whack off, I get results I can count on.

The "W"s are just teenie cocks amongst NYC's real movers and shakers in the real estate biz.

Anonymous said...

Did you say time bomb?

Take a look at the storage of highly explosive propane tanks that Wolcoff's food cart vendor tenants use.

They look like they are improperly secured.

The #7 el line that runs above can be seriously affected if an accidental explosion occurs.

Where is the FDNY?

Anonymous said...

The Wolcoffs are liars!

In the news media they're on record stating that they only have one tenant...a garment manufacturer.


There are a slew of Middle Eastern food cart vendors using the front and rear of the building along Davis Street.

Rats, the size of cats, and pigeons climb all over the food that they sell...dropping their infectious feces on it.

Where is the NYC Health Department?

Anonymous said...

Jerry Wolcoff gives no leases to the food vendor cart businesses. And the same usually went for most of his tenants

He, apparently, doesn't like leases, and prefers doing a cash business. record no taxes....kick you out on your ass ttomorrow.

Could the Wolcoffs be under reporting their rental income on 5 Poitnz?

Maybe IRS would like to know about this.

Could father and son be guilty of tax evasion?

Anonymous said...

A toxic industrial site next to a train yard a couple of blocks from clattering elevated train and traffic ramps from the Queensboro Bridge.

Why did I have the feeling that the long term future for these places are barracks for the low wage service help for Manhattan?

Anonymous said...

In any other city but Bloomberg's "Luxury New York" concept...this world class site, art mecca, would be treasured and preserved.

But Bloomberg and his associates are extremely short sighted...greedy little SOBs who cannot envision the long term value of a major outdoor art museum like 5 Pointz.

They get more visitors than MOMA PS 1 does, right across the road!

I've witnessed 5-7 tour buses in one day unload tourists at 5 Pointz...bringing money-money-money into the area. That's not an uncommon site, either.

A major feature film was recently shot there because of the great exterior art it displayed.

That means mega bucks to NYC, Mayor Mike!
Are you listening?


Why does that nasty Boston blue nosed bastard Bloomberg... ignore these kinds of money making opportunities for New York City?

That's because he has no really creative ideas in his skull. Bloom-bastard is just a simple myopic money mill operator. Crank out the daily dollars without harvesting the hundreds to be made here.

Short people usually cause the world great trouble...
Napoleon Bonaparte, Kin Jung Un, yadda, yadda.

Hizzoner is just 5' 7" tall.

Anonymous said...

Enjoying "the read" David Wolcoff?

artist said...

Attention all artists!

Don't be lazy. Do your part. Ban together and tie a hornet's nest to Wolcoffs behind!

Fight for 5 Pointz or lose it!
Do your part to convince NYC to spare it!

It makes great economic sense to do so.

Constant vigilance is required by EVERYONE who loves 5 Pointz and its uniquely great art.

Attend all public meetings and behave yourselves!
A knuckle head fights against his own best interests by being loud or acting thuggish.

Be sure to be present at the PS 1 public hearing.

Report the Wolcoffs to DOB, FDNY, Department of Homeland Security, IRS...ANY AGENCY you can think of! I already have done my part!

Tie them up in knots.

A project delayed is a project that falters!

Pull your noses away from your damn paintings for awhile.
This is a critical issue for the flourishing of the arts in NYC!

Compared to Europe, we are looked upon as cultural savages. I wonder why? Maybe it's because of many artists' self absorption.

Where is our strong lobby group?
I'm not talking about Queens or New York Council On The Arts. Those are the "official" mealy mouthed phonies.

Mayor Koch, despite his shortcomings, supported the arts.

Bloomberg's game plan is to crush the independent

You will be driven out of New York, by escalating rents, if you do not join in this battle for YOUR OWN survival.

Or, prepare to move to Kansas, should you lose your footing in the Big Apple.

Anonymous said...


Actually this is the district for Cultural Czar on City Council, Jimmy Van Bramer who is known for give large sums of money for cultural groups that give him street cred with tweeder groups and those that a boost up on his career ladder with photo ops.

Everyone else in his district can go #$&@ themselves.

After all, HE is on city council therefore HE is king over all HE surveys with the option of life or death in HIS hands.

All Hail Jimmy!

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure it's Wolkoff.

Anonymous said...

But it's Peter Vallone Jr. who is using his "anti graffiti" platform to favor his advancement, fella!
That's why I mentioned him.

You really ought to get in touch with what's going on before your mouth outruns your brain.

Don "junior' Vallone wouldn't know the difference between great aerosol art from the crack in his ass.

And 5 Pointz features the best in the world.

Anonymous said...

The invisible councilman!

Jimmy Van Bramer only cares about gay issues.
The art at 5 Pointz too far advanced for his limited mentality.

Now if the artists at 5 Pointz put up a painting of a nice hunky male in the buff, I'm sure that Councilman Jimmy would take an interest.

Anonymous said...

As far as I've heard, Van Bramer hasn't responded to requests for a meeting regarding saving 5 Pointz.

Jimmy is a political hack who wants to climb the ladder.
He won't make any waves by defending 5 Pointz.

Anonymous said...

Let's do a "D&B" on the Wolkoffs.
I'll bet their "fortunes" are shakier than they used to be about 15 years ago.

Anyone out there with an active Lexus Nexus account,
who wants to have a look-see into the slumlords' holdings?

Word has it that "big" Jerry "W" made his money off of his wife's money...her Las Vegas hotel holdings.

Anonymous said...

As The Honeymooners, Ralph Kramden might say, "What a laugh-riot", folks!

Councilman Jimmy "no brainer" (as he's being called)...more like Councilman Jimmy Von Bullshit!

"Jimmy" wants to be your "buddy".
The sign on his Sunnyside district office (visible from the #7) reads, "Councilman JIMMY Van Bramer".

A more serious councilman would have used the formal James Van Bramer. After all, being a councilman is supposed to be a very responsible position. He's not just your play pen pal.

Does the councilman think that his use of "JIMMY" makes him more friendly, younger and appealing?

What a freak show.

Anonymous said...

I visited 5 Pointz just yesterday.
A soil test boring was in progress.

My cell photos of the drilling have been forwarded to Queens Crap.

But that doesn't mean that anything will be happening there for years. Test borings are SOP for any project.

It is, however, most important that the upcoming meeting is well attended.

Anonymous said...

I was there too.

The stench which arose from the drilling...made me wonder, as well as gag, as to what lies beneath 5 Pointz.

Anonymous said...

Wolkoff is in deep shit with the labor unions.
He refused to use union workers in his Suffolk County (Pilgrim State) fiasco. That project is at a stand still.

This scum bun employes (illegal?) scabs.

3 words describe Wolcoff best:
His mouth is bigger than his bankroll.

He had to sink his "drill" in the ground yesterday, just to prove he still has a (functioning) pair.

C'mon Jerry...those prunes dried up ages ago.

Anonymous said...

Wolkoff is in deep shit with the labor unions.
He refused to use union workers in his Suffolk County (Pilgrim State) fiasco. That project is at a stand still.

This scum bun employes (illegal?) scabs.

3 words describe J. Wolcoff best:
His mouth is bigger than his bankroll.

He had to sink his "drill" in the ground yesterday, just to prove he still has a (functioning) pair.

C'mon Jerry...those prunes dried up ages ago.

former Phun Phactory volunteer said...

Somebody at the DEP ought to open that interior manhole in the back building.

I'll bet there's a toxic well in there.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if the community board sells out the community on this one.

It's a scurvy crew.

The last thing the area needs, among the glut of unsold condos, is another poorly located residential double erection of a fading man's pipe dream.

Cut back on your Viagra old man. It's affecting your brain and decreasing your blood pressure.
The little gray cells need all the oxygen they can get now.

Let's see if sonny boy David (or Adam?) can help get it up for you.

Anonymous said...

We just got word that the building on the west side of Crane Street, adjacent to 5 Pointz, is coming down.

Waz goin' up...more high rise Queens crap?

construction engineer said...

Will the MTA be happy with cranes hovering over the #7 line during Wolcoff's construction?

Sounds very dangerous!

Anonymous said...

Construction Engineer:

Probably not, and they have to sign off on any construction work adjacent to a subway (remember, the G line is underneath Jackson Avenue) or elevated line.

Anonymous said...

Think about all of those century old, imbedded soil toxins, that might find their way into the G line during excavation. Gravity rules!

I'm pretty sure that this site is old wetland (swamp). That means that very few underground parking spaces can be provided by Wolcoff.

The community board will require, that a certain number of parking spots be provided per tenant occupancy, before they can sign off on this deal.

The bottom line is:
This issues is going to bounce back and forth until it gets resolved.

A similar case, in Flushing, went on for 2 years!

This "big Wolcoff" project will wind up being severely scaled down, if it ever gets built at all.

The elder Wolcoff will probably never see it come to fruition.

Say goodnight....Jerry.

Scott68 said...

Not to sound insensitive,but I'm extremely familiar with this immediate area and privately owned property is just that, it's worth somewhere in the 35 million range as is. Twenty years ago it was laughable to purchase anything in the area, now it's pretty much untouchable.

If they are allowed to develope due to the zonong changes, why not? Other than graffiti and art, what good is the structure? Should the city or state use our money to buy something so insignificant? Should art or would be upcoming artists be subsidized by the people of NYC or NYS? What a bunch of crap.

Are people against the developers or developement? Either way it will happen regardless of who owns it. Btw, if the property is owned free and clear, financial sponsership is fairly easy to come by if there is a market for overpriced apartments which obviously there is.

there are several pieces of large property in the immediate area that will be developed soon, the old baking factory and the Taxi garage.

a Vernon B'lvd. resident said...

Hey Scottie dog 68....who's kidding who?
You don't appear to know very much at all.

Jerry Wolcoff bought the 5 Pointz building WAY MORE than 20 years ago. Yes, he did pay peanuts for it at that time.

It's said to be that aged commercial slumlord's first big acquisition...though this story cannot be fully confirmed.

So, I'd suggest that you go and try selling your folk tales elsewhere.

5 Pointz happens to be a world class art site...that brings in dozens and dozens of loaded tour buses each month. These visitors bring money with them and spend it in the neighborhood.

5 Pointz is not to be thought of as a parasitic institution. It is a unique cultural resource that gives back much more than great the city, the state, the country, the world! It certainly does its fair share of stimulating our municipal economy.

If you were truly "familiar" with the area, and the subject, you would already know this.

And please take's been the arts (in nabes like SoHo, Williamsburg, etc.) that have revitalized many formerly seedy areas in New York.

So don't be so eager to put down the arts.

World travelers don't come here to just gawk at some of our recent medicore skyscrapers. The come for our great architecture, art and entertainment...our museums, theaters, concert halls, opera houses.

Art creates great cities and there's nothing wrong in tax dollars supporting the arts.

Much of our tax dollars are robbed daily by corrupt politicians and overzealous developers...who are looking out only for themselves.

But you don't seem to have an issue with that.