Sunday, December 27, 2009

Girl who stabbed in self-defense is sought by NYPD

From the Daily News:

The 16-year-old girl suspected of fatally stabbing an ex-con lashed out after he and a bevy of men chased her onto a Queens subway train and tried to fondle her, her mother said Friday.

Thomas Winston, 29, and a pack of thugs tried to pull Cyan Brown out of a subway car at the 21st St. - Queensbridge station about 9 p.m. Thursday following an altercation that began outside a nearby chicken restaurant, police and family said.

She fought back and stabbed Winston before she fled on a Manhattan-bound F train, police said.

Winston, the father of a 10-month-old girl,was pronounced dead at a Manhattan hospital.

Although police have not disclosed any official suspects, Brown's family said detectives have been trying to contact the girl in connection with Winston's death.

Winston, who lived in a nearby shelter, had a long list of prior convictions that included criminal possession of a weapon and selling narcotics and also faced an attempted murder charge, sources said.

Get a lawyer, Cyan. FAST.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it heart-warming that they have that lovely picture of a 16 year old girl so that the Bloods and the Crips in the project who were probably behind the rape attempt can find her home, her family and her and murder all.

Now where are the portraits of the would-be rapists? They after all, are grown men and not protected by rape shield laws or juvenile protections.

Perhaps we can have their addresses as well so that they can have a New Year's cocktail--Molovtov variety.

Anonymous said...

Does NYPD need to make an effort to investigate a crime which is actually a self-defense act an embarrassment to itself?

Where were the police outside at the Chicken restaurant or in the Subway itself? Seems the answer is no-where, what is the explaination on the opart of NYPD for it's coverage? This happened in a Subway stop that sees 80k people daily ride by! We are all vulnerable to this type violence riding through here. THe NYPD does not have control of the housing project and shelter in this neighborhood and yet the city is encouraging luxury housing next door - look out for your safety - new residents of waterfront LIC - you don't know where you really reside!

Anonymous said...

To annonymous #2, since you obviously possess such a strong clairvoyant ability, maybe you should have gone to the police and told them that there was going to be a stabbing that night at that station. Tomorrow is Monday, you are up for quarterback in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Anon # 2, if you were given the entire police force, about 30,000 strong, to dispatch at your discretion, not only would you not be able to cover every potential crime spot in the city for 8 hours, never mind 24/7, but I am positive your systen would miss EVERY crime that took place. It just isn't as simple as putting a cop where you think they should be put.

Anonymous said...

Give the girl a medal. One more piece of scum off the earth. What we need to do is arm more good guys. Where is Bernard Goetz when you need him. AN EYE FOR AN EYE WORKS FOR ME.

Anonymous said...

Why is the minor girl's photo posted HERE? I was horrified when I heard that the parents had spoken out. They should have ALL kept quiet and never said a word to anyone.

It's bad enough her photo is out there in the media, I wish Crappy had left it out of this site. Not that these gangbangers are likely to be reading this site, but it's still not necessary. I pray for her safety and peace.

Although the scumbag deserved what he got, I don't imagine it's easy for anyone in many circumstances to live with the knowledge that she or he took a life. (I know, you, the other readers, might think "oh it would be easy for me," but I bet you it is still something that is a shock to your system.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous #1 Cyan Is Like A Niece To Me - I grew Up With Her Mother. Believe Me When I Tell You The "So called" Thugs in Queensbridge, don't want any problems with her

Anonymous said...

To annonymous #2, since you obviously possess such a strong clairvoyant ability, maybe you should have gone to the police and told them that there was going to be a stabbing that night at that station. Tomorrow is Monday, you are up for quarterback in the morning.
YOU familiar with the area ? NOW why don't I think so ? maybe you should take a walk over there some evening. LOL.
Hope that girl is far and away with some distant relatives and gets on with her life.
self defense translates to a bs trial as nyc DOESN'T think highly of citizens defending themselves.
we're supposed to be victims waiting for the 114 to respond.

Anonymous said...

The police should leave her alone. She stabbed this criminal in self-defense. She did the public a service. I think this girl has gone through enough.

Anonymous said...

The cops werent around when she needed them so she defended herself.
The cops are posting her like she on the most wanted list. More the a terroist that tried to take down an aircraft.
Where is his photo ?

FU DA Brownie, you good for nothing POS !

Anonymous said...

Cops and Bloombergs media puppets at the NY Dailey news have some "s'plaining" to do.

The girls is likley end up with a big time lawyer (pro bono) and retire on some Island.

Anonymous said...

I hope she does retire on an island. DA Brown and the police did nothing when my niece and her entire family were repeatedly tormented by a young lady and her friends living not far from where the Pomonok Houses disgrace occurred.

Arm yourself now, shoot to kill. If you have no gun, a knife, if you have no knife, a hammer, if you have no hammer, hairspray or a can of Easy-off.

Put the fear of God into predators now.

Anonymous said...

I love these postings. We're getting a better class of "Anonymous" these days.


Anonymous said...

Like Ted Nugent said:

"I don't like repeat offenders, I like DEAD offenders"

Post a sign in your area:
Neighborhood Protected by ARMED Citizens
and become one