Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas justice on the F train

LONG ISLAND CITY (WABC) -- Police are trying to find a woman involved in a deadly stabbing on the subway in Queens that they believe was self-defense.

It happened late Christmas Eve in Long Island City -- at the 21st Street - Queensbridge station on the F line.

The woman, apparently in fear of her life, used deadly force, when she was confronted by a group of men threatening her.

Eyewitness News is told there were some unwanted sexual advances made by these men.

The woman reportedly she tried to get away from the men and get on the F train, but the men pulled her off the train.

The harassment apparently continued, so she grabbed a knife, stabbed one of the men and then took off running.

Police say this time she made it onto a train and was able to escape.

The man who she stabbed was pronounced dead at the hospital. He was identified as 29-year-old Thomas Winston, who lived in a nearby shelter.

More from the NY Times.


Anonymous said...

Thou shall not kill.

Anonymous said...

That's right, and the thugs that attacked her most likely would have killed her.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago, a pretty, petite young lady asked me if I wanted to see "her knife."

She pulled out a bayonet-sized knife which she liberated from a knife-wielding thug who had attacked a boy with a boom box while she was riding the subway to work.

The boy knocked it out of the man's hands using his radio. The girl scooped it up in her long skirt and jumped out of the train with it while the doors were closing.

Someone owes his life and someone owes his freedom to that brave young woman.

Anonymous said...

i want to buy real estate around there dont you?

Anonymous said...

Case closed as far as I am concerned.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, the 114 Pct's end-of-year murder stats just got screwed big time. Their CO is gonna flip out. No fudging this one Paulie!

Anonymous said...


well it is a housing Project...

Hint to the black racists: If you had the guts to commit crimes at the same rate as white people, it would go a long way to end racism in America

but you don't have the guts.

Anonymous said...

Tell me it was black men bothering a white woman!

Next time they will learn to leave a lady traveling by herself alone. what bastards.

-Joe said...

Good for her.
She should not come forward !
They will arrest and put her through the mill.
It will cost her 20 grand in lawyers fees.
Remember what happened to 80 hero Bernie Getz

I'm pretty sure Queensbridge is where Riker's bus dumps people back on the streets.
(This was on on Inside Edition last year)

If the perps were black or white americans the story would have said it
Im guessing it was a gang like the MS13. Members have to commit these rape, murder initiation's to climb ranks.
Fence hoppers are far bigger with sex crimes then blacks.

Anonymous said...

What's with all the racist comments you assholes?!?!

It was another woman from the P-Jects who killed him.
In this case, a 16 yr old sophomore (way to go!):

Anonymous said...

rot in hell Thomas Winston. sure sounds like a black man to me.

your friends should be charged with your murder.

Babs said...

How courageous of this young woman - she turned the tables on these savages!

This reminds me of the Bernard Goetz case years ago.

Not only did she save herself - but, she made the streets a little safer for other women too!!

Anonymous said...

I am praying for this child. I hope that they don't find her and hunt her down for revenge.

I think that it takes tremendous courage to do what she did and suggest that she may have a future ahead in the armed forces or law enforcement.

I hope that she can stay free from the wicked element in that project and not become a thug herself.

Anonymous said...

Maspeth mom says...

The best thing she can do: never tell a soul what she did.
Carry on with your life like it never happened.

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says....

GOOD BYE to THomas WInston - hopefully it was like that scene in GHOST when the little devils come and drag that bad man away to HELL.

ROT forever - You deserve it.

linda said...

thou shall not kill..

b.s.! she did the right thing and thank god will be able to go home to her family.. i feel bad for her and she must be freaking out that this happened. pray for her and fxxk the bastards, maybe the others will "see the light"..

Anonymous said...

If she turns herself in she will be made to be the "bad guy".She will be charged with manslaughter and put through a lot of shit.She will probably be caught,but i can't see a jury convicting her.

Anonymous said...

Bravo for this woman being able to turn the tables on her attackers and get away for good. What a Christmas present she received - only God knows she earned to keep her life!

As for the Winston - have fun burning below!

Anonymous said...

Instance of

Anonymous said...

Yet another chapter of the sorry George N Jerry show at Dutch Kills.

Put in massive developement into that community, have the developers ready to go backrupt cause no one want to move into a bad neighborhood, then have the city bail them out with section 8 housing.

How Problems are handled in CB1 said...

"Prostitution in the area disappeared when we stopped talking about it"

Yup, that is what a local civic leader said.

So, it this news item drops from the screen, mugging in no longer a problem.

Making an area safe for developers is job one - the problems of the people will take care of itself.

Anonymous said...

What a clown show of racist on this blog. No offense to clowns.

Anonymous said...

Probably a prostitution transaction gone bad. No loss for society though. I am sure Thomas Winston wasn't destined to cure cancer.

Anonymous said...

while the guys shouldn't be harassing the girl, i doubt there were any saints involved on both sides. there still are questions over where he was stabbed, and it's sad 16 year old girls are carrying knives around. One report suggested she has stabbed before.

Anonymous said...

As it was pointed out both victim and attacker were project dwellers. Shows you what kind of animals live around there.

Anonymous said...

If you lived in an area where 8 men would attack a woman, you would be well-advised to carry a knife.

My father, an ex-RAF commando carried weapons wherever he went in New York City and had to use them to defend self and others on multiple locations.

Anonymous said...

The only ones saying she is a serial stabber are the "victim's" family and friends. The family of the guy who was supposed to be bringing gifts to his baby son but was out to rape a teen in the subway instead. The one whose own family would rather he live in a shelter than with him. Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Racist comments....HUH???

Ok Name me one place in all of America populated by minorities which you and your wife would feel safe in?

Or to go out at 11pm because you just knocked the last roll of toilet paper into the bowl you just peed in?

There isn't how is that racist?

Anonymous said...

As it was pointed out both victim and attacker were project dwellers. Shows you what kind of animals live around there.


Rumors has it Suna wants to clear out the projects for his job creation public access project.

Millions of stimulus money (read taxes) is being poured into this community for the developers instead of being used to shore up the infrastructure.

And of course, the buildings are half empty so guess who is going to be moved into them.

Yup, this is going to spread.

Great place to invest in, Long Island City. Thats were I want to invest MY money, how about you?

Anonymous said...

We have achieved MLK goal of judging people on the content of their character.

Unfortunately MLK would be sick to his stomach to know millions chose to become niggazs instead or proud responsible black people.

As it was pointed out both victim and attacker were project dwellers. Shows you what kind of animals live around there.

Anonymous said...

good for her. she should change her hair and continue hiding. i can only imagine the lawsuits she would have to suffer from the 'grieving family' if her identity were known.

Anonymous said...

three weeks go,two asian limo drivers walking to their parked cars at 10pm,were beaten by three male black men.
the asian men fought back but were hurt badly.
they did not get robbed. so far no arrests have been made by n.y.p.d
not a word was mentioned in the media.
this crime took place three blocks from this attack on the young woman at the subway entrance.
a pistol is a must to stay safe from these predators.

Anonymous said...

I am a neighborhood resident and can attest to the dangerousness of these Crip-infested streets. Many times I have stood in silent dread at this station or nearby Queens Plaza.

Since I cannot use a knife, I have been considering the use of a ball-peen hammer. Useful for finishing metal, it could also be useful in finishing off rapists.

Pass the word, the hammer of choice of auto-body professionals and discriminating women everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately they know who she is. It is now only a matter of time before she turns herself in. Shame, I was praying for a life of guilt free anonymity for her.