Monday, December 21, 2009

Mayors in glass houses...

From the NY Times:

The Bloomberg administration acknowledged this week that there were nearly 2,700 unregistered bank accounts held by an undetermined number of city agencies — accounts like those Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg recently castigated the Manhattan district attorney, Robert M. Morgenthau, for maintaining.

In fact, City Hall understood the practice was widespread earlier this month when the mayor said that a review by the city’s Finance Department had found that Mr. Morgenthau’s office had dozens of “hidden” accounts containing $174 million.

“We knew there were a lot,” Jason Post, a mayoral spokesman, said Thursday, though he noted that at that time, the city had not yet completed its review and analysis of the other accounts.

That review is continuing, city officials said, and a preliminary analysis has found that the nearly 2,700 accounts hold more than $122 million. Like Mr. Morgenthau’s accounts, none were registered with the city comptroller’s office, as required by law.


Anonymous said...

Are these the same (or similar) to the City council slush funds exposed last year? Chritine Quinn was involved in that as I recall.

Anonymous said...

If the accounts that the Manhattan DA have comes from having found justice, where do the slush funds that the City Councilmembers have come from ?

Fed Up said...

where do the slush funds that the City Councilmembers have come from ?