Saturday, December 26, 2009

MTA facility causing problems in Dutch Kills

From the Queens Gazette:

Residents in the Dutch Kills community are fuming over the condition of a trashstrewn MTA training facility in their neighborhood, along with a failure on the part of Sanitation inspectors and elected officials to force the agency to clean up their act.

Dutch Kills Civic Association Executive Director, George Stamatiades told the Gazette last week that residents are “sick and tired” of the way Sanitation inspectors are turning their heads at the piles of trash outside the facility on 31st Street and 39th Avenue.

The problem stems from trash that has piled up along a fence that runs outside the training center, which is located on a triangular block along 31st Street, from 39th Avenue to Northern Boulevard.

Dutch Kills President Gerald Walsh echoed the complaint, adding that the civic association has called on local politicians and city Sanitation officials for their help in cleaning up the area. All efforts have fallen on deaf ears, Walsh said.


Anonymous said...

Dont understand this - you have every politican jumping to your tune when you want development.

Anonymous said...

Bungling from the word go in that community.

Time for new ideas and people and directions.

Anonymous said...

That is the neighborhood where the woman fought off her attackers a few days ago in the subway, and co-ops are tottering on the bring of bankruptcy?

I want to invest there, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Don't expect enforcement from the "good old boys club". They watch out for each other, the heck with the tax paying public.