Monday, December 28, 2009

Black market thriving in Chinatown

From the NY Post:

Pickled cobra that "cures" kidney problems. Chinese Viagra made with deer penis. Balms filled with powdered tiger bone. Bushels of bushmeat.

These are just a few of the exotic and unlawful imports that pour into New York City daily.

And when the black-market booty is not seized by federal agents at airports, they can be found on the shelves of China town apothecaries, Bronx botanicas or swap meets in ethnic neighborhoods throughout the city.

"We had 10 million passengers come into JFK last year, and I have 12 inspectors," said Bob Onda, who supervises US Fish and Wildlife Service inspectors at JFK and La Guardia airports.

A Post interpreter was told recently in Chinatown that he could buy bear gall bladder to clean his blood, and deer penis to improve his sexual prowess.

Inspectors say many strange objects are used in so-called traditional Chinese medicines -- thought to cure everything from a toothache to cancer.

Onda said the Chinese use "medicine mules" like other cultures use "drug mules" -- smuggling into the country thousands of hidden pills containing ground-up tiger and leopard bone.

"If they get it by us they mule it into Chinatown," he said.


Anonymous said...

i just LOVE all these new vibrant and diverse people moving into Queens, the county that my family helped build and create for generations.

I just LOVE seeing all their work destroyed in a single sweep.

FlooshingRezident said...

It's nice to see that magnificent, endangered species are being slaughtered so that some old guys can get it up.

To quote Caligula, "People are despicable!"

Ha Penis said...

Could Peter Koo's Flushing pharmacy chain be stocking some of this stuff?

Anonymous said...

So it was the Chinese that gave the old medicine wagon snake oil salesman in the old west their ideas.

It surely beats "Yakove's Elixir" (Danny Kaye's film classic, "The Inspector General").

Anonymous said...

So that's what John Liu used to get his cajones in shape to produce a male child...or did he just rent him?

Queens Crapper said...

Obviously there is a vast contingent on this site that doesn't recognize troll behavior. I have been deleting the negative comments about Anglo-Saxons vs Irish and Italians for months, which are posted simply to piss you off. Don't allow them to get to you before I get to them.

Anonymous said...

Nasty ignorant people