Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pol wants to seize Bloomberg's townhouse

Petition by State Senator Bill Perkins:

Mike Makes Blight Petition

The Community has conducted its own study which finds that the home of Mayor Michael Bloomberg is blighted, underutilized, provides limited public purpose and is very very old.

We the undersigned ask New York State Empire State Development Corporation to use its power of Eminent Domain to acquire the home of Mayor Michael Bloomberg to provide 500 units of affordable housing available to all the citizens of New York City.

I like this guy!


Anonymous said...

Have always respected Bill Perkins as honest and hard working. Adore him for this move.

Heard Bloomberg has a foul mouth - should be burning the paint off the walls now.

Klink Cannoli said...

Oh, this guy is too funny!

.. said...

Count me in as an undersigned. I'll have to keep an eye on this guy in the future.

Anonymous said...

Unlike Charles Barron, Bill Perkins is actually smart and cares about constituents rather than just himself.

kingofnycabbies said...

I've been suggesting this to people for months (not claiming credit--in fact, I'm surprised no one like the Rev. Billy hadn't suggested it publicly until now). But let's be fair: it's only a townhouse, so 500 units are not feasible. Given its proximity to the park, how about a Nedick's or Orange Julius stand? It would allow all the old money types on the UES to relive their youth, and have that crucial commercial component so beloved by Mayor McChee$e.