Monday, December 21, 2009

WTF is with the ASPCA?

"This dog was removed from a Queens property by private persons this past Friday Dec. 18th.

What you see is not ONLY mange ... the dog is being forced to live in a crawl space under a porch. This is what he looked like AFTER he had been bathed TWICE!

The people who tried to rescue him took him to a vet. A neighbor lady told the owner where the dog was and was threatened with jail by the owner of dog. She got scared and now the vet's hands are tied.

ASPCA told the vet NOT to tell the people who took the dog from the property any info. The vet did say that the dog was going back to the owner! (ASPCA's doing) Apparently, at some point, I don't know when, a visit was made to property by animal control - and the owner was told to take the dog to the vet.

Also, his REAL NAME IS NOT JUSTICE! We do not know his real name yet. The people who tried to save him, named him Justice because they wanted justice for him. This dog needs publicity! The dog is so weak he is weaving and can barely sit up.


CALL THE NY ASPCA - 212-876-7700 - and ask them how they can green light animal abuse." - anonymous


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I had to pause when I started to cry. Is there any organization with morals and/or ethics anymore?

Anonymous said...

if the rescuer wasn't so bent on punishing this dog's owner and just reported that they found the dog then it may never have been reunited with its owner.

It's absurd to think the ASPCA would sanction the theft of this dog from his owner.

Anonymous said...

True, the ASPCA can't sanction the neighbors stealing the dog. But they can now have their inspectors make a call on this sicko and remove this suffering dog and soon because it is dying. Please everyone call the ASPCA

Queens Crapper please try to keep us up to date on this.

Regina said...

Dear Queens Crappers:
If you have a blog you might also want to create a link to this story -I just did. I also posted something on the site "Catster" in hopes that animals lovers on that site might call in to the ASPCA.
Please do let us know what happens. During this holiday season it seems only fitting this story should have a happy ending...

Babs said...

I am so sickened by this.

WTF is wrong with some people? I wish I could put the owner of this poor animal under the porch in this bitter cold.

I will call the ASAP tomorrow, and I will be posting this to everyone I know as well.

Anonymous said...

This is a nasty disease. A friend of mine is currently suffering scabies because a roommate housed a mangy dog with her.

Many hundreds of dollars later and after the throwing out of multiple items of clothing, bedding and furniture, the problem is still rampant.

My friend, a poor woman has spent countless dollars on ineffective and even dangerous medication and Doctor's visits.

I do not condone abuse but wonder whether the mange was what caused the animal's banishment outside.

This may also be why the ASPCA didn't fight harder for the animal since it could contaminate the entire shelter or Vet's office where it is housed.

Babs said...

Anonymous -

The right thing to do -

The ASPCA should have given the dog's owner instructions on how to use certain topical medications that will kill the sarcoptic mites. An anti-inflammatory drug to relieve the symptoms of swelling and itching in the affected areas should also be administered. Also it might have been necessary for the ASPCA to prescribe an antibiotic if there was an infection in open wounds from scratching.

To lessen the spread of mite infestation, all bedding must be changed that the dog has slept on. Thoroughly clean your entire house and pay special attention to the areas where your dog usually spends his time at.

Confining this suffering animal outside in the bitter cold - IS most definitely and most obviously THE WRONG THING TO DO.

The ASPCA is well equipped to treat all contagious disease. This is NEW YORK not a remote mountain village somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I appreciated your excellent information on treatment of this unpleasant disease. Unfortunately, in this city of ours there are parents who cannot pay for medicine for their own children, let alone for their pets.

Sad to say, some people should probably have neither children nor pets, but once this occurs, you choices are limited. Shelters are overwhelmed and who will adopt a diseased animal.

Subtle hint though, if you have to leave it out in the cold, at least put a barrel out with an old blanket or so straw so that the animal is sheltered from the wind, rain and snow.

Anonymous said...

The ASPCA should have given the dog's owner instructions on how to use certain topical medications that will kill the sarcoptic mites. An anti-inflammatory drug to relieve the symptoms of swelling and itching in the affected areas should also be administered. Also it might have been necessary for the ASPCA to prescribe an antibiotic if there was an infection in open wounds from scratching.
Assuming the owners are responsible people, are we?

Babs said...

Anonymous asked:

"Assuming the owners are responsible people, are we?"

Yes, I am.

That out of the way - the responsible thing to do HERE would be to confine the dog to a large cage TEMPORARILY in a certain area of the house (basement in this case) where the dog can be fed and kept warm and comfortable during treatment.


I understand - as do ALL who have animals as family members - that vet bills can be HUGE. In this case - the dog was treated and released - THEREFORE the CARE is now in the hands of the owner. The owner has displayed very poor judgement and lack of compassion. The animal should be removed immediately from the owner.

The owner perhaps is elderly and unable to take care of himself or herself - the RESPONSIBLE thing to do in this case (and in the case of family hardship) is to release this dog to the authorities.

The advice on how to create an outside shelter for feral animals is important and very useful info - for FERAL animals and NOT for sick and suffering family dogs.

Carol said...

WTF is going on here?

Someone has some explaining to do here - I just spoke with the ASCPA - they had NO KNOWLEDGE of this animal and are just investigating the situation now.

Crappy - what's this all about?

Queens Crapper said...

You were fed a line. This is real and not made up. I'll have more on this later.

Carol said...

Thanks Crappy -

Anonymous said...

"Assuming the owners are responsible people, are we?"

Yes, I am.

Then you're an idiot. The owners haven't taken care of the dog and that's why the poor thing is in its current health predicament. Do you think giving them a second chance to take care of a sick dog will be better for it now?

Babs said...

Anonymous stated:

"Then you're an idiot. The owners haven't taken care of the dog and that's why the poor thing is in its current health predicament. Do you think giving them a second chance to take care of a sick dog will be better for it now?"

To paraphrase the poster's comment - "WHO here will do the responsible thing or who knows what the responsible thing is to do." THIS is the way I interpreted the question anyway.
Assuming such, I therefore answered - "yes, I am" - meaning YES, I am a responsible pet owner, and I know what to do.

I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with my response - sorry that you do.

My comments on the treatment of mange was GENERAL.

I CLEARLY stated - "the animal should be removed immediately from the owner"

English your 2nd language by any chance?

Anonymous said...

if the rescuer wasn't so bent on punishing this dog's owner and just reported that they found the dog then it may never have been reunited with its owner.

Bulls+$t. We all know too well how often calls for help from almost any agency go unheeded. The owner should be punished. Hell, they should have been arrested when they went to pick up the dog at the vet's office.

I applaud the vet's office for having the presence of mind to make a video document of the poor animal's condition.

I'll keep this incident in mind the next time that the ASPCA asks for money.

Queens Crapper said...

It's worse than what you see in the video. Will post links to photos tonight.

Anonymous said...

I just called the ASPCA and got a bullcrap runaround. "He's receiving appropriate medical care". I told them that I was forwarding this post on to all of my friends and will link it onto my own blog. The guy answering the phone offered to have someone call me back, but I told him that I didn't need to have anyone call me back and to just have this horrible situation corrected now.

Anonymous said...

English your 2nd language by any chance?

Communicate clearly much? If so, you wouldn't have felt the need to explain what you posted earlier. Jackass!

Anonymous said...

Love dogs,hate people.I just went to the post office for somme money orders.Sent some cash to the aspca and to money orders? They have no idea who i am and therefore can't inundate me with literature asking for donations that cost more than my original donation!

Babs said...

"Communicate clearly much? If so, you wouldn't have felt the need to explain what you posted earlier. Jackass!"

oh I get it - you're nuts . . . I thought it might have been a language problem. . . . .

Anonymous said...

OK instead of talking, what can we do to take the dog out of the owner's house and into a forever home.

If you want to do something about it lets just do it.

The ASPCA is a fantastic organization but some of the people there are A holes.

Anonymous said...

We took a vote and decided your head is up your butt which is causing you to spew nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I think Babs brought this on herself...if she is a female. Someone remarked that the dog shouldn't be returned to the owners because of the dog's present condition. An anonymous poster suggested that the owners were irresponsible. Babs answered "yes I am" to the question "Assuming the owners are responsible people, are we?" then rambles on. Give it up Babs before you make things worse for yourself. You're the one with the communications problem and not the person who suggested that the owners are not responsible enough to take care of the dog. Get it?

Babs said...

Get this nutjob - this forum is about the DOG and not about you.

I will not reply any more to any of your embarrassingly stupid posts.

I am waiting ONLY for an update on the condition and whereabouts of the dog.

Anonymous said...

Get this nutjob - this forum is about the DOG and not about you.

Then why are you making the post about you? YOU are the nut job. Get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Queens Crapper said...

Ok here's more:

"The family lives on 198th and 48th Avenue in Flushing (Bayside area). A Greek family who owns several restaurants in the area.

A neighbor reported that this family watched two dogs previously die in the same way in the same condition.

The dogs are kept as guard dogs, out back, and have very small space for shelter.

The ASPCA was there days before, and apparently reported that "both dogs were fine" -

The dog ended up at a local vet for treatment - he has sarcoptic mange which is the worst of the two types of Mange (usually fatal and also very contagious and painful) -

The neighbor who had been lodging report after report with the ASPCA was then "finally" contacted as they felt since she did all the complaining, she may know where the dog is. With this, the ASPCA bullied her with threats of imprisonment, so she released the information. The owner was notified - he then went to the vet yesterday, showed his license and took the dog out of there, we do not know where the dog is at this point.

Several people were at the home yesterday - and through out the day driving around to see if the dogs were outside again.

As of right now the ASPCA is just covering their asses of course by saying "the dog is being medically treated" - and they will not release any further information.

Legally we can not do anything.

Animal Precinct has removed healthier dogs from poor situations, but nothing of this magnitude---and they allowed Justice to be sent back to his owners.

-- This is why when you do something like this, its best to keep it close and not to share information.

I don't know why so much information was given to the neighbor in terms of where the dog was ...

Now who pays the price?


Here are some photos (not for the squeamish...)

Anonymous said...

A dog that badly maltreated is probably a time-bomb waiting to happen. I'd hate to have a child or an animal of mine own and meet that dog on the street.

Babs said...

Good job Crappy - and thanks for the efforts.

The more info we have the better.
I also contacted a well known animal welfare organization (reluctant to give the name right now).

All we can do has been done for now. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more answers.

The concerned neighbor has tried so hard to help Justice - he (or she) certainly deserves more answers than what apparently the ASPCA is willing to give.

I like very much what is being attempted here - this is
a very positive use of the internet.

Carol said...

The ASPCA promised me an update. They have my phone number and told me that they would call me back with info.

I'm holding them to that, but I will also call them tomorrow since I don't now trust that I will get a call back.

I will share with you what I am told by them.

Let's keep the faith. SOMETHING GOOD HAS to come from all this.

Babs said...

Anonymous said - "A dog that badly maltreated is probably a time-bomb waiting to happen. I'd hate to have a child or an animal of mine own and meet that dog on the street."

And I would hate to run into the owner. Anyone that could treat an animal like this is a sicko and has little regard for life.

Queens Crapper said...

Let's hope they don't have kids.

Babs said...

Yes, Crappy - let's hope!!

good night all.

Gina said...

Thanks Crappy-there is one other thing you can do if you feel it is right. Do you know what restaurants this family owns? I would not want to support them by making the mistake of being their customer.
I like to support my local restaurants and other stores but I would never in a million years want to knowingly spend money in an establishment that is owned by someone who would do this to several dogs. I feel that strongly about this.

Anonymous said...

The lady did the right thing to take the dog but why did the ASPCA permit the dog to be returned to the asshole who did this to him. Fucking wrong. I don't believe this.

Anonymous said...


On the ASPCA facebook it states
SPCA: Justice

ASPCA's Notes
Yesterday at 10:52am
In regards to the videos and comments regarding Justice, the ASPCA never seized this dog or returned it to its owner. We did however confirm that the dog is undergoing appropriate veterinary treatment and our investigation continues

Anonymous said...

Crapper is one of the best sources of information in the borough of Queens. The Tribune, on the other hand, makes great cat litter box liner. My cats read the whore ads when they go. Imagine that the ASPCA is reacting to this forum. Crappy rules!

Anonymous said...

I just wish to know the restaurant names and their full name and address. Obviously whoever began this well-intended deed did not think through their actions. Why the Vet was ever alerted to it being a possible abuse case is what started this whole mess. Should have taken the dog, then got the appropriate treatment from a confidential source, treated and none of this would be such a mess. Unfortunate we should have to go such extremes for an obvious case of neglect and cruelty. But better to be safe than end up with a mess like this. The dog now loses.

Anonymous said...

ASPCA is an overglorified television production...their usefulness ended when they became a reality television show called Animal Precinct. Not to mention they have unqualified, unlicensed individuals in their positions of authority....its a bubblegum outfit. I recommend to the person above that is donating her hard-earned dollars in the form of money orders to seriously re-consider who she's donating's quite the joke this agency.

Anonymous said...

Can't confirm this, but, I heard the dog was microchipped and the owner was discovered via the chip. The vet then CALLED the owner. If this is true, then we have an issue with the vet. Why did they NOT notify the authorities directly because of the condition of Justice and press charges themselves. Veterinarians can file animal abuse/cruelty complaints. That would have left the owner out of it.

If anyone knows differently, please post. Also, Crapper has it right - "This is why when you do something like this, its best to keep it close and not to share information." But if the microchip story is true, then its of no account. But heed this for the next time.

Poor Justice. Keep on top of this Crapper.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what the story is with the vet, the ASPCA visited the home days before, saw the dog in this condition and did nothing but tell the guy to take him to a vet. On TV, they would have confiscated the animal.

Carol said...

Friend of mine called a little while ago - there is an officer that has been assigned to this case -

212-876-7700 ext. 4450 (animal abuse)

The person who answers will re-direct the call from there.

Anonymous said...

The owners son that took the dog from the vet is called Peter Vorrais - the home is located at 4743 198th Street Flushing NY - please someone over this piece of crap whatever $$ he wants and get the dog to help immediately.

Anyone with knowledge of the dog's safety or whereabout please go to the ASPCA we need Justice for Justice Facebook page and let us know - the original rescuer is not telling us SHIT about this dog and we are just concerned for the dog at this point.

Anonymous said...

A Nicholas (age 29) and Theodora (age 49) Vorrais also live at this address - 4743 198TH ST

Cheryl said...

The reason why the original rescuer is "not telling you shit" about this is because she has been threatened with charges of theft. She may have misjudged in the beginning who to trust with this dog but her heart was pure and well intentioned. To speak of her this way insults every one of us who have been on this case since it first happened days ago. You folks only found out about it yesterday and by that time, Justice was back with his owner. I appreciate that you have come with more information for us and thank you. Justice will be rescued and this time no one will know who or where.

The problem is that despite what may be a miraculous save of Justice, nothing prevents this son of a bitch from going to the ASPCA tomorrow and getting another dog. 4 dogs he's already had, 2 are dead and 2 are dying. And tomorrow he can just go pick up two more.

Someone needs to have a stern chat with this goof and warn him about ever owning another animal. Any of you who criticize the rescuer here willing to do that?

Terree in Oklahoma said...

what is wrong with the people of New York. The ASPCA is suppose to help and fight for the abused and neglected, not send them back to the hell hole they came from...someone needs to do something about this. Sometimes it just makes me wonder if the ASPCA does allt hey can for the animals..from this case, I'd think not...makes me SICK ! ! ! !!

alex4 said...

The dog is back in the hell hole with the abusive owners according to Rescue Ink. The dog needs medical care 24/7 and needs to be in a caring environment not with the Greek monsters. Can someone please rescue this dog by force or pay the owners if need be? I can just imagine how they treat the dog behind closed doors! I would also stick pictures of sweetheart Jusitce outside their restaurants and house.

Anonymous said...

I worked for the ASPCA in the mid nineties, and I can tell you, they were full of crap then, so I expect not much better from them now.

Actually, adoptions counselors were good ( I was one), vets were good, law enforcement officers were wonderful. It's the execs at the top that make these dumb decisions usually, and usurp a lot of money that could go to better things.

I will always remember the vets that told me how the top dogs at the shelter got raises while they worked in the clinic with substandard equipment.
I doubt much has really changed with the inner workings of the place, despite the overhaul on the decor.

Carol said...

Cheryl - I would think that with all the publicity this case has gotten, the owner SHOULD be on their best behavior by now. I haven't driven by the house myself - (but plan to) I know personally of others who have. People are watching and people will KEEP on watching. In addition to neighborhood animal rescue groups, PETA has been informed as well.

There should be a database - countrywide - similiar to the sex offenders database wherein animal abusers can be identified. Of course that will not stop all of them - but, it would definitely make it much harder for them. Since it's public record - neighbors and family members will be alerted to their behavior. If the person is seen with a dog - an investigation can be commenced.

Sometimes the only positive thing that can come from horrific cases like this - is the inspiration and will to make change.

I think we ALL as animal lovers/caregivers/rescuers, etc. can do to make positive change is to create a website that can be used as an ALERT to various animal issues in addition to abuse. Similar to the adoption site that has a lost and found area - we need to be able to gather and to demonstrate in defense of animals - like PETA does but on a much smaller scale - one that is more community based.

Bob Pomilla said...

The only thing that gets the attention of compassionless creeps such as Sayres and his gang at the A, is hitting them in the pocketbook. If donations take a serious dip, the ASPCA board will send him packing.

Anonymous said...

What is the name of his restaurant?

Anonymous said...


We need to pressure the ASPCA to do the right thin. But you need to understand that there are groups (which I won't name here) that are using Oreo's death to promote themselves and gather more members. On their alert, they state don't donate to the ASPCA and then post their own paypal below. No one else in this city had the authority much less responds to all the cruelty cases in NYC. NYPD refuses to respond to non-human issues. So please think twice about these groups that are focus on destroying the ASPCA instead of trying to help Justice and other dogs.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Anonymous who posted about rescue groups bashing the ASPCA over Oreo to promote their own fundraising efforts. I volunteer with cats at the ASPCA and I can absolutely assure you, from my own personal experience, that I've never met more caring staff and volunteers than at the "A". I personally have a foster animal with long-term medical and behavioral issues that the ASPCA has provided all the medical care for, all the food, everything. The hospital and shelter vets are so deeply concerned over animals that many of them come in on the holidays to check on the shelter cats and dogs. One that I know has slept in her office in a sleeping bag to keep a close eye on a patient.

The bottom line is that the neighbor who took the dog & brought him to the vet broke the law. The hard truth is that animals are property and are covered under those laws. Until those laws are changed, people MUST report animal abuse and wait for the law to act. The ASPCA has 15 officers for 5 boroughs that have over 14 million people. And the city has cut funding for the AC&C shelters and won't fund any more animal cruelty officers. So by cutting off donations to the ASPCA, you're hurting the animals in your own city.

If the ASPCA (who DID NOT SEIZE THIS DOG OR RETURN IT TO ITS OWNERS) had kept this dog, and it had been illegally seized without due process, the ASPCA opens itself up to a massive lawsuit that costs millions of dollars that would be able to help MANY animals.

I am an animal lover and it breaks my heart what is going on here. But rest assured that Justice is only one of thousands going through this. What we as citizens must do is put pressure on our councilmen, the mayor, the state house, and the governor to toughen animal cruelty laws and then PROPERLY FUND THEM. It is only by doing this, and not badmouthing one of the best animal rescue shelters in the whole country, that we can effect change.

Babs said...

I believe you - simply because I don't think people seek employment in animal care unless they are passionate about them.

You should post this over on the Justice for Justice Facebook page -
Many animal rescuers will "steal" an abused animal away from its owner. I have never done it myself - but, I believe it is warranted in certain cases. And it appears to have been warranted in this case. The owner has not even expressed remorse rather he is on the Facebook page MOCKING the concern of the good people involved.

Animals should NOT be deemed property by law just as our children are not our property.

Anonymous said...

Someone named Melissa VanDyke posted a video of her and another member of the group supposedly visiting the home. It allegedly showed Justice and the other dog, nicknamed Champ, and they were both healthy, playful, etc. Group members questioned whether the dog presented as Justice was in fact Justice because there were some discrepancies in photos posted.

And the owner, who had lashed out at members of the group that expressed concern about the condition of the dog, posted nasty messages on Facebook about them, taunted the group by posting sarcastic Facebook statuses, etc., was curiously just pleasant as pie to these two.

Melissa claimed to be a lawyer; when she was questioned further about where she practiced and what type of law, she claimed she has privileges in NJ and snottily told a group member from England that she should concern herself with her country's affairs and not this poor dog's welfare, as if a professional attorney would conduct herself this way. I called the Lawyers Fund for Client Protection at 609-292-8079 today and said they have no record of a woman named Melissa Van Dyke being authorized to practice law in NJ.

She also posted something about Justice's father being the other dog in the video and that he was rescued from abusive owners halfway across the country by his current owner.

My very reliable info is that Justice was adopted from North Shore Animal League. He is a 7 month old puppy. He didn't get the way he looks overnight and his wounds didn't heal overnight, despite what some people would like us to believe.

I'd have shown it all to you in screenshots, but the entire Facebook group mysteriously disappeared this morning. There's something very fishy going on with this.

Cheryl said...

Just to clarify an point, the ASPCA never had possession of Justice it's true, the dog was at a vet's office. But the ASPCA did find out who took the dog and where by threatening the neighbor who had called dozens of times over the previous months to complain about the ongoing abuse of these two dogs. The ASPCA then called the owner and the vet, told the owner where the dog was and ordered the vet to return the dog to the owner.

The ASPCA's hands are so dirty in this case it won't never wash off. I don't care what some "worker" or "volunteer" says about it, they certainly wouldn't have been privy to any hard or executive type decisions made in this case. Just like Oreo, Ed Sayres didn't consult with the flunkies before deciding to kill the miracle dog. Rescue Ink's hands are also filthy dirty in this case. This is a classic case of money talks and several people profited quite nicely from shutting up and trying to tamp down the furor over this poor dog. Note that Rescue Ink is currently actively campaigning for funds to help them build a suddenly become supporters of the owner after visiting his fishy there right? Same with the lawyer...goes to inspect the dog...leaves having been retained by the and fishier....

Anonymous said...

You notice none of these groups that supposedly inspected the premises have made statements about it. They just are keeping quiet. And now fake lawyers are defending the owner by posting photos and videos that really prove nothing, but they are desperately trying to convince everyone that they do.

If that doesn't send up a red flag, I don't know what does.

Still chuckling over the line about the family driving to Ohio to adopt an abused dog. Smells like bullshit to me.

Anonymous said...

If these "poor" people couldn't afford to take care of this poor dog, then how did they afford a lawyer? If he is court appointed, I thought they were never charged. What is going on with the ASPCA???? This is a disgrace that this poor thing would be returned to negligent, uncaring, horrible owners....All the knowledge in the world would not have made a difference to completely ignorant, uncaring people. The dog should have never, ever been returned, PERIOD. The ASPCA has millions of donation annually so why didn't they fork over the money to help him???? Are you kidding me? Is this dog still alive??? This just broke my heart - he is suffering, needlessly, so much and all involved in this are a disgrace to humanity.