Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Waste not, want not

I've been noticing a truck with a large trailer that says, "municipal waste" parked along the LIE service road a block or two west of Main Street for some time now. The stretch of road is 100% residential and the truck is parked behind people's backyards.

Took this photo last Sunday.

Went to Google Maps and found the same truck parked there back when the truck drove through to record the images, probably a few months ago.

Truck says Matawan, NJ.


Anonymous said...

The google maps photos from this area are from July 2007.

Taxpayer said...

This is a case for the FBI.

What's inside this truck? Who loaded the truck? Who parked the truck in that spot?

What are the plans for this truck?

Keep in mind the planned "trial" of terrorists here in NYC.

Keep in mind that the Commissar guarantees the safety of all New Yorkers since the "trial" was announced.

Keep in mind that the Commissar wants the terrorists to be assured that there will be "no backlash" against terrorists for their actions.

Does the Commissar believe that it is a form of backlash to remove this truck from a residential neighborhood?

If the truck is safe, then why does the Commissar not have it moved to in front of his own house?

Anonymous said...

Kinda like the guy who runs a clean-out business on my block. His box-truck is often parked on my residential block 68th street, and not on Otto road, where it belongs.

Klink Cannoli said...

Or it could be a trucker taking a break.

Notice in the Google Maps street view there are other trucks on the same strip. The strip is preceded by an LIE entrance ramp and succeed by an exit ramp. Perfect spot. I've noticed other strips on the LIE before major intersections that tend to collect truckers like this.

If stopping a truck there is illegal, make a report.

Queens Crapper said...

If he's just taking a break, then he seems to be doing it every time I pass by on the LIE. I think the driver may be taking his rig home with him. And it most definitely is illegal to park a commercial vehicle on the street overnight.

Anonymous said...

My kid has noticed this truck for 4 months now when we drive down the LIE. Obviously, the driver lives nearby or is crashing there, and is parked illegally, and no one cares.

Klink Cannoli said...

If it's a neighbor bringing his rig home or parking it between trips, it should be easy enough to take care of. Call the 109th and report. The sad part about this alert post is that YOU have to bring attention to this rather then a concerned neighbor of that area.

The community is disintegrating. There is an influx of people that just stay locked in their houses with blinders on. Won't even make eye contact with their next door neighbors. It's not just an immigrant thing. It's specific ethnics and the culture of fear they bring with them. It's hard to break that barrier.

Anonymous said...

It's Optimus Prime. He's painted purple because he's incognito.