Wednesday, December 30, 2009

There's a house on the roof!

From Apartment Therapy:

New York City doesn’t have a lot of real estate to build a full-fledged house. But a few industrious homeowners found space where they could, like these homes atop buildings. It’s penthouse living at its best.


ceiling on my head lady said...

What an improvement over Queens where they build the house over your dead body!

Anonymous said...

How is this even allowed?

Anonymous said...

How is this even allowed?

How isnt it? Its no different than if someone added two floors to a tower. Just because it LOOKS like a suburban home does not mean anything.

So long as its meets code, it can look like anything the owner wants.

Queens Crapper said...

Living with a water tower hovering next to my house? That's just weird, even if it is up to code.

Also, would love to learn the purpose of the pod thing seen when you click the enclosed link.

Anonymous said...

what is the address?