Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some interesting quotes from Joel Klein

"So now we're moving the system much more toward portfolio management, talent management and innovation." - Schools Chancellor Joel Klein

It sounds like he thinks he's running a finance company rather than a school system.

"It may be that I'm just not smart enough, but I don't know how anyone can run 1600 schools." - Schools Chancellor Joel Klein

So there he explained, in a nutshell, why he should resign.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, record profits for the finance companies, and.....illeterate kids.

I'm not saying htat every reform is the best,but for god sakes, someone needed to shake up the schools.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I realize there are spelling mistakes, blah blah troll this troll that. Sorry, I was tired.

Queens Crapper said...

What exactly did Joel Klein's "shaking up the schools" strategy accomplish? We're still graduating kids who can't read and do simple math.

Anonymous said...

With mass production comes mass consumption which needs mass consumers. Dimwits that like to buy shiney crap they can't afford and don't need is what you get when you centralize education or anything for that matter. Take a look at the Labor Departments projection on future employment, don't need thinkers for them jobs. But don't worry folks, the industrial output system model for mass education is being replaced with the old and improved prison system model. And if you're in the system and can't "see it", look up compartmentalization, it's an eye opener. Metal detectors, armed guards, cameras, gated windows...next inward facing barbed wire atop the perimeter fences...schools are prisons. Careful what you wish for...

Anonymous said...

I wish they'd let me run the schools. I'd shake things up alright, in a good way.

Anonymous said...

What did Joel Klein's "shaking up the schools" strategy accomplish?

I'll tell you...

1)BloomKlein have turned our schools into a BUSINESS and are treated as such. Bottom line is always numbers, data(scores) and money(salaries).
2)Principals have been given absolute power in their schools. This is a BAD thing because many are not competent enough to lead a school.
3)Veteran teachers are being systematically harassed into retirement, similar to how people are treated in the business world when they want to get rid of them. They are costing that principal too much $$$, so therefore they must go. Most senior teachers are an ENORMOUS asset to a school. Too bad Klein doesn't see it that way.
4)Diminish the UFT's authority. The union has always been seen as a threat and with Randi Weingarten's help, the union is now a shell of what it used to be.
5)U rating quotas against teachers must be filled by the administrators whether they are justified or not. Principals can now place a letter in your file filled with lies and there is virtually nothing you can do about it. Thanks Randi!!
6)Principals have created or are encouraged to create a very tense atmosphere in their schools so teachers keep leaving the system, keeping labor costs down.
7)Klein took the advice of idiotic progressive educators like Lucy Calkins of Teacher's College, rather than the advice of senior teachers or even not so senior teachers and used research-based, proven curriculums.
8)Because of these unproven, highly controversial curriculums put in place, massive test prep needed to be implemented in order to raise scores. Poor kids.
9)Encouraging administrators to deny new teachers tenure where ever possible. Many of these teachers are even "discontinued"(fired) for no reason whatsoever other than filling that U rating quota which had to be done in order for that teacher to be discontinued.

The morale is so bad. Most older teachers can't wait to retire and newer teachers talk of leaving.
Very sad.
With all the problems that came with an all-too-powerful union, at least the schools usually did the right thing by the kids at least from what I've seen. Now the schools do what's right for Bloomberg & Klein and what makes THEM look good.
It will take YEARS to undo the damage done by these two men. I've spoken to a few experts on NYC schools and they've all told me NYC schools are DONE.

Anonymous said...

Take out the flashcards now. Buy those reading workshops, arrange reading time at the library. If you have time and inclination, volunteer to teach children and adult non-readers.

We are entering a new dark ages. Time to roll up the sleeves and head it off now.