Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vote on Marty's $64M potato chip put on hold

From the NY Post:

The city’s Design Commission today opted to hold off a key vote for Coney Island’s $64 million amphitheater project after irate opponents gave commissioners an earful over the controversial plan.

The taxpayer-funded, 8,000-seat amphitheater plan for Asser Levy Park is a pet project of Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz and also includes the relocation of the park’s playground.

Many opponents expected the commission to sign off on the new playground design today and the amphitheater design at a later date. But after hearing testimony from opponents, commissioners opted to table the vote until they could review both parts of the plan simultaneously. This, because, the amphitheater can’t be built unless the playground is relocated.

"I feel we should see the whole thing together," Commission President Jim Stuckey told opponents, who started cheering. He tabled the vote until at least next month.

Commissioners also raised legal issues about whether they should vote on the project when it has yet to complete its mandated environmental assessment.


Anonymous said...

Marty still doesn't get. Well..let me make it clear..This is not a matter of NIMBY.
This monstrocity of a project, a Commerical 8000 seat Amphitheater, does not belong in the bedroom community of Brighton Beach.
Since Marty is a YIMBY ( and I have quotes to that ), then why don't you put it on the block where you bought your new house, Mr. Markowitz?
I'm sure your new neighbors would not mind. It would be great for new jobs, new devleopment etc.
Your neighbors would love to have to look around for parking. Having 40,000 people a week transverse through your neighborhood is just being neighborly. It's Fun.
Mr. Markowitz you can even rename the project the Windsor Terrace Center.
It would be the first thing you see when they approach Prospect Park!!

Anonymous said...

Oh sure $64 Million for this, and I cant get a Workforce 1 training grant for school because i am white and educated.

Ohbamaz grants are for GED's truck driver for fresh direct, home heath aides, cleaning garbage at the parks dept.

How about money spent on real jobs for people?