Tuesday, December 29, 2009

She's no longer the "victim"

From the Daily News:

She's no victim, after all.

A Queens teenager who stabbed a man to death in a subway was facing charges Tuesday after cops said she was to blame in the Christmas Eve fracas.

Charges were pending against Cyan Brown, 16, who was originally portrayed as a plucky victim who stabbed Thomas Winston, 29, in self-defense after a group of men tried to attack her.

"She was the main aggressor, without a doubt," a police source told The Daily News.

Brown got into a shouting match with Winston after one of her male friends bumped into him on an F train at the 21st St.-Queensbridge station.

Winston, who was with his pals, asked the man to apologize, setting off a confrontation that apparently spilled onto the sidewalk in front of a chicken joint.

"You could say excuse me," the slain man said, according to cops.

That's when Brown, who lives in the nearby Queensbridge Houses, pulled a knife.

"She reaches in her bag, takes out a weapon, lunges at him and cuts him," the source said.

Winston's friends chased after Brown, who escaped into the night.

Witnesses believed the teen was fleeing from a gang of aggressive men and told cops they thought she acted in self-defense.

Brown turned herself in for questioning yesterday at the 114th Precinct.

She will face first-degree manslaughter and weapons charges, Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne said.


Anonymous said...

Now multiply her by tens of thousands and you get an idea of the type of students filling our schools.

Yeah, it's the teachers(responsible for their failures) alright.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how every news outlet got this story wrong. I wonder if the police fed them this info in order to get the victim to come in.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...I said Victim...it should be perp...

Anonymous said...

What happened to inocent until proven guilty? If you listen to both sides of the story, you don't know who to believe.... I personally dont trust the po po and the 114th pct. to boot so I say let in iron out in court. If the po po done their job, which I doubt, they should have to have evidence.
I could have sworn that little troll Bloomberg and his Ray Kelly were just praisng how N.Y. has less crime?

Queens Crapper said...

From the Queens Courier:

They allegedly pulled her off of the train and dragged her up to the mezzanine level – where she stabbed Wilson once in the torso at about 8:25 p.m. Brown managed to flee while “seven or eight of them were chasing [her],” according to MTA employee Ricardo Josephs, 41.

This is one witness that doesn't seem to be on either side, and he's backing her up.

Anonymous said...

There's a reason why reporters keep inserting the term "allegedly," so here's a textbook example.

Queens Crapper said...

Here's the thing about the so-called "censorship" which is actually "moderation" since this is a privately run blog and not a government forum... the self-righteous among you bitch when I delete the offensive comments and you bitch when I leave them. Well guess what? I don't sit here all day and read every comment. So if you find one that offends you, then please bring it to my attention via e-mail and we can take it from there. If you can't deal with that, then go jump in a lake.

The Pope said...

Pacem in terris

September Renegade said...

Well, dont' mind the offensive comments then. Anyways, I knew something was wrong in this story.

Anonymous said...

It took long to find the dvd recorders that the ta uses.Too bad they don't have audio.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon #2 and #4. Although I can easily see how news outlets got the story wrong--one outlet reported it and then everyone just repeated the original story. Do you really believe all these outlets sent separate reporters to the scene and to walk around Queensbridge and talk to people or the detectives who were investigating? Ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is a community where I want Suna to sell me a $250,000 co-op and my family to stay in one of the dozen hotels all just around the corner.

Can't you see Silvercup moving thousands of people into the community who will be using this subway station?

Haven't we call seen the artist renderings that shows a restaurant/promenade at Silvercup that is litteraly a stone's throw from where this happened - you know, something that looks like its in Palm Beach

(well that is ok if you don't remember - 40 story buildings do look silly when they devote two square inches to them in the newspapers).

Good use of our taxpayer money, don't you think?

Who needs hospitals or teachers or better city services anyway?

Anonymous said...

To the previous poster, how true, but Mr Public Saftey Vallone is really Mr Developer Vallone so things are just ducky.

Queens Crapper said...

Yet another version of the story from the NY Times...

Anonymous said...

There are cameras in both that chicken joint and in the train station, we will quickly get to the bottom of this.

I find it hard to believe that a man who had a murder rap of his own was Mr. Ray O' Sunshine, and everything depends on when and where he was stabbed.

After all, if she was running away when grabbed, she could hardly be the aggressor.

If the so-called victim's story is true, than a man's life was lost due to real stupidity. You can't say anything to anybody anymore.

Anonymous said...

How about we all stop talking about this until the end of the trial or a guilty plea is reached?

Anonymous said...

How about we all stop talking about this until the end of the trial or a guilty plea is reached?


oh ... right ...

this issue WILL do wonders for property values ... and development ... so like discussing the prostitution in the area, if we dont talk about it, maybe it will go away.

now for the plague of hotels ...

Anonymous said...

Misdemeanor murder. The skell that was killed will no longer be a drain on the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

When will these niggazs learn.

If you want to eliminate racism in America you have to commit crimes as the same rate as white people.

That means about 80% less crimes then you people commit today.

Anonymous said...

The hacks turn to racist comments when you start going for the real estate angle. Then they can tell impressionable minds that Crappie is racist and (ahem) Arhie Bunkerland.


Look at it this way - Suna and his cronies will take the waterfront away from millions of people - for generations -all perfectly legal.

A kid from the hood will steal a slurpie and blow some weed - all perfectly illegal.

Who is the gangsta?