Monday, December 28, 2009

Windfall expected from supermarket liquor sales

From Fox 5:

ITHACA, N.Y. (AP) - A Cornell researcher says the state could reap about $22 million a year if grocery stores were permitted to sell wine.

Grocery store wine sales would also benefit wineries in and outside of the state. That's according to Bradley Rickard, an assistant professor of economics who conducted simulation experiments to assess the implications of introducing wine into grocery stores.

Rickard said expanding wine sales to grocery stores would likely lead to a decrease in wine sales by 17 percent to 32 percent in existing liquor stores.

Legislation to legalize grocery store wine sales was defeated in 1984 and 2009 amid heavy opposition from liquor stores. But Rickard said a new bill being discussed would provide compensation to liquor store owners to make up for their expected loss in revenues.


Anonymous said...

Sure, to hell with the mom and pop liquor stores. Just put them out of business.

Anonymous said...

First, this will increase underage drinker's access to hard liquor.

Second, unless the total amount of alcohol skyrockets you will just be changing where they buy their drink.

Increasing alcoholism is a very expensive way to "earn" money and will probably cost a fortune in healthcare and increased law enforcement costs.

Anonymous said...

only will sell wine not hard liquor

Anonymous said...

Spermarkets can't keep outdated product off their shelves, why should they be able to sell wine and liquor. It's not like discounting will be steep compared to the stores that are designated liquor stores now. Doesn't anyone see that big box stores have eroded our way of life in NYC? Go to Home Depot, check prices-more expensive than mom and pops on most stuff they sell.