Thursday, December 31, 2009

Access-A-Ride helps granny go gambling

From the Daily News:

Next stop for the cash-strapped NYC Transit: the casino.

The agency's budget-busting Access-A-Ride van and car service doesn't just take disabled passengers to the doctor's office, pharmacy or local supermarket.

Access-A-Ride regularly takes passengers from their door to the Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway to play the ponies or the 5,300 slot machines, the Daily News has learned.

The casino and raceway is a popular location. It ranks 17th among the 30 most-requested destinations for Access-A-Ride users. The vast majority are medical facilities, but the list also includes the Staten Island Mall and Kennedy Airport.

Access-A-Ride ridership and costs have been skyrocketing for years, and transit officials are looking to streamline operations to help close an MTA-wide budget gap of nearly $400 million dollars.

Still, NYC Transit can't simply refuse to provide trips requested by registered users, spokesman Deirdre Parker said.

"The law is clear; we can't prioritize trips and we do not ask what your purpose is," Parker said. "It's just like the bus and subway. We don't ask where you're going on the bus or subway. It's public transportation."

Approximately 50% of trips are medical-related, Parker said. About 20% are social. The rest fall into four categories: shopping/errands; school; work, or "other."


Anonymous said...

I thought they couldn't leave NYC?

Anonymous said...

Go Granny Go.

After the stock market took her pension, she decided to make what was left of her money work for her.

Anonymous said...

time itself will get it's revenge on you, young people.

what a lady does on her own time is none of your business.

talk about sexism! next you will be horrified that she had a glass of wine in there.

Anonymous said...

Exactly - they should remain in NYC not veer off to Westchester casino raceways? What next - I need a ride to Florida - it cold up here?

Anonymous said...

It's not sexist or ageist to recognize that when one has to ration scare resources distance and necessity are major factors, not to mention the fact that casinos can easily clean people out and those whose faculties may be failing with illness or medication may not display great judgement.

It hardly seems right that some crippled or ill person would have to wait longer to have one of these for a local doctor's visit because the van is miles away at a track.

Anonymous said...

The wole acces-a-ride scam is huge drain on the MTA.