Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Brooklyn fire leaves 6 families homeless

BROOKLYN (WABC) -- A father and his daughter were rescued from an apartment fire in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn.

The fire broke out in the top floor of the condominum at 392 Third Street just before 3 a.m. Wednesday.

Fire was shooting out the windows when firefighters arrived. They pulled a man out of the fire with injuries, including serious burns. He was in critical condition at the burn unit at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

His daughter, who was visiting, sustained less serious injuries and was taken to Methodist Hospital.

Firefighters had to battle the fire and the weather to put out the blaze. The fire appears to be caused by an overloaded power strip.

Or maybe it was this...


Anonymous said...

Well we have 2 people that were not the sharpest tools in the shed.

One for having so much junk that neesd to be plugged in, and a daughter that is clueless about the care and well being of her father.

Yeah its a tragedy the complaint was closed but geez that was over 3 years ago...didn't anyone notice an overloaded socket?

Anonymous said...

This is unfounded nonsense. Please keep your specualtions to yourself. Our blessings to those injured.

Carol said...

Crappy - my computer keeps freezing up when I enter your site now. I think it has to do with this thread.

It says that there is "a script running" and asks if I want to run it or not ANYWAY since it will render my computer unresponsive.

I am probably low on memory - is this happening to other posters? Will this STILL happen even when this thread is buried onto the next page here?

Anonymous said...

Father and Daughter in Serious But Stable Condition After 3rd St. Fire

I got this note from Rev. Billy Talen. He is friends with the father and daughter victims of the Third Street fire and had this to say about how they are doing:

Our friend Kate is, with her father Michael, in the Cornell Burn Center now. The father and daughter are in serious but stable condition. Michael's partner Robin is there with family and close friends arriving from their holiday locations.

The two will be in and out of consciousness for some time, perhaps weeks, as the toxins of the smoke inhalation are dealt with and the healing goes forward.

At the time of this holiday near-tragedy, thanks and huzzahs go to the New York City firemen...

Kate is an indomitable New York character, a soulful survivor, and we know that her fierce love of life will prevail. Our prayers are with Kate and Michael in this season of hope.

---Rev. Billy Talen

Queens Crapper said...

Carol, if you are using AOL, that's the problem.

Carol said...

I'm not Crappy -

will I still have the problem when this thread is no longer on the opening page?

(I'm sorry BTW - the thread was quiet, and I jumped in with a technical question.)

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this horrific incident and their family and friends.

Thanks for the update Rev. Talen - I'm glad to hear that father and daughter are in stable condition and will be recovering.

Queens Crapper said...

No you probably won't, but I took the map off anyway and replaced it with a screenshot.