Saturday, September 15, 2007

Were Sunnysiders hoodwinked?

The Sunnyside Gardens Historic District has been approved by the City Planning Commission and is on its way to the final City Council vote on Oct. 9, but a new amendment intended to streamline the construction-permit application process is raising eyebrows among historic-preservation boosters.

Residents doubt Sunnyside Gardens permit rule

"Our goal, and our assumption, was that the protections that the neighborhood had under the special zoning would remain and would be incorporated into the landmark-designation rules," said resident Jeffrey Kroessler. "The proposed rules that city Planning have put out do not seem to do that. They seem to be upzoning our neighborhood."

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Anonymous said...

If something shady is going on......
don't you think that Meiklejohn & Co.
might be behind this ?

Anonymous said...

To hell with Mickeljohn, she would get nowhere without the machine.

The clubhouse is livid that the community rejected them and ignored the press. They would do anything, just anything, to regain that community. Even desperate measures as flooding the community with the Doorman's new 'friends.'

This is important - if this community can succesfully cut the strings to the machine, like Juniper Valley did, the ramifications would echo across the boro.

The machine would topple like a deck of cards.

Anonymous said...

When I refer to Meiklejohn & Co.
I mean the "machine" .