Tuesday, September 18, 2007

From Greenpoint with love

Check out Miss Heather's take on LIC condo construction:

"As the boat approached Long Island City last Sunday I felt like Dorothy did when she reached the Emerald City. “Wow” I thought to myself, “I wonder if there is some affordable housing there?” Alas, it wasn’t to be: the gentleman conducting this segment of the tour noted that although there was talk of including lower-income units in a number of these monoliths, it didn’t happen.

Miss Heather's new crib

Of course I think this is total balderdash. A developer reneging on a promise? Inconceivable. These chaps are upstanding citizens who have our best interests at heart. They make Abe Lincoln look like the Saddam Hussein by comparison."


Anonymous said...

maybe I'm suffering from brain drain or something but I can't get where Mistress H. is coming from. Is she for or against this LIC development? Too much poetical flair in her lingo for me to tell, along with high falutin words like bangledaro or whatever that word she used that I never heard of was.

Anonymous said...

ps please excuse that last remark. I'm just in a grumpy mood, due to a shortage of sleep these few nights.

Queens Crapper said...

Watching the Amazin's?

Anonymous said...

actually writing about them in hopes of landing a gig with a new regional sports mag I discovered. I'll let you know if anything comes of it, by some miracle.

PS While we're on the subject of TV, the movie "Fountainhead" is on TCM tonight at 1:45 am, which is definitely related to topics discussed on this site.

Anonymous said...

H a H a- Affordable housing, that's funny! I thought readers of this page knew better!!! let me see, will there and are there any affordable housing in these LIC giants or the area! FUNNY...ok maybe if you can pay 1500 a month

Anonymous said...

...bet the same thing will wind up happening with that skyscrapper city they're building in Brooklyn, which is supposedly going to have affordable housing too so they say.

Anonymous said...

Look as long as this country has no borders, the the clubhouse puts a big neon sign on Queens saying "Tweeded Immigrants Welcome Here" you will find no affordable housing.

Anonymous said...

The lies from developers is something that we all need to accept. Go into any discussions with them with this attitude BEFORE you open your mouth.

The clueless will agree to accept something from a developer (an agreement midwifed with the help of their politician)with full knowledge from the political insiders that the developer can then go ahead and do just about anything – either with spot zoning that makes your down zone meaningless (hello eastern Queens) or simply ride roughshod over your agreement knowing that the courts will give them time (to give their project a fait accompli) and waste your money.

By the time the public catches up, its too late.

The solution: accept NOTHING from a developer. They are scum.

This is YOUR home - its YOUR community - and YOUR government (supported by YOUR votes and YOUR taxes) that should take care of YOUR needs.

The developer looks at you and sees a sucker living in the middle of a strip mine they can take to the bank.

They don't give two shits for you.

Accept it.

Anonymous said...

First of all, the poster who stated "able to afford $1500" is really showing their age, as that would be a tremendous deal post 1998.

The going rate west of woodside is above $6/sqft.

As am searching for a condo/apt myself I can't say I like that fact, but seriously...this is our system. Capitalism, free market- survival of the fittest. Stop whining already, its as american as apple pie.

I hear Pennsylvania is nice this time of year. I urge some of you old cranks to check it out. Most of you sound Amish already.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't live here at any price ....they leave me cold.

Gardens of stone (cemeteries) have more charm !

Anonymous said...

"survival of the fittest"

more like the survival of the most greedy, backstabbing, and cut throating.

Anonymous said...

"I hear Pennsylvania is nice this time of year. I urge some of you old cranks to check it out. Most of you sound Amish already."

Oh boy, another developer or politican that is unused to hearing the voice of John Q Public.

Its not supposed to be like this. We are supposed to roll over and play dead, or move out to Penna.

Why should we? Hell, we ain't even worked up a sweat yet, boys!

verdi said...

Greenpoint ???
Funny....I don't see any green....just cement.

Maybe it ought to be called Graypoint now !