Friday, September 14, 2007

Bloomie gets "busted"

A Brooklyn sculptor has found a new use for the parking and sanitation tickets he's received -he's turned them into protest art.

Using the tickets, along with foam and wire, Osaretin Ighile has fashioned what he
calls "Mayor's Bust."


Particularly galling to him are the sanitation tickets he has been hit with at his Bedford-Stuyvesant home studio. He said he gets blamed for trash others dump in a vacant lot next door.

It's really going to irk hizzoner to be depicted smoking. Good job!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if he'd be willing to make one of my ex-wife?

verdi said...

Bravo. Art rules !

That ain't a cigarette in hizzoner's yap.....
it's the smoking gun of his indifference
toward the residents of NYC who have the misfortune
of not being a member of his wealthy class !

Anonymous said...

That's the actual size of Bloomberg's inflated head and ego.

The turtle-faced billionaire out of touch ass-wipe should go back to Boston where he can root for his Red sox while our Yanks kick their butts this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is a figure head, so here is his new figure.

Anonymous said...

Somebody just told me that Mayor Mike
lists his his height as 5' 10" on his curriculum vitae.

That's a bit of a stretch.....isn't it ?

I guess that all his money
still doesn't make him big enough in his own eyes.

Anonymous said...

an inferiority complex is often the driving force behind many self made millionaires.

Anonymous said...

Napoleon and Der Feuhrer had a height problem too.