Friday, September 14, 2007

Can't keep our cops

Police recruits continue to bail out of the NYPD's training academy - putting at risk a crimefighting technique credited with slashing the city's murder rate.

Statistics show 165 members of July's 1,131-strong entering class have dropped out - about 14.6%.

165 police recruits quit, leaving 'Impact' program at risk

Rookies said the reality of the $25,100 starting salary has sent them running out the door.

Photo from Daily News


Anonymous said...

Developers roll in cash
while contributing to the city's woes.
Increased population....just one phenomena
brought about by over development......
requires the need for more policing.

But when we go to the municipal cookie jar .....
there's never enough money
for a decent starting wage for police officers.

That's not much of an incentive.....
paying somebody peanuts to protect citizens
of a city that they can't afford to live in.

Maybe NYC might think of considering
subsidizing housing for new recruits.
I'm not sure exactly how this would work.

Maybe interest free mortgage loans etc.
skimmed off developers obscene profits
since they're the ones adding to the mess!

Anonymous said...

Blame the police union's terrible negotiation tactics for the low starting pay. Every other NYC municipal union - firefighters, sanitation, DC 37, teachers, police seargents, etc., received significant pay increases when their contracts were negotiated. The police union took an unreasonable hard line, forced arbitration, now will not accept arbitration, and basically negotiated itself out of what could have been a good deal for its members. I think the NYPD should be paid more, but their union's own negotiation strategies have been detrimental to their cause.

Anonymous said...

For what New York's finest and bravest and do, that starting salary is a joke.

Anonymous said...

25 g's isn't a lot, but it isn't a little either. There are a lot of jobs with starting salaries that are substantially less.

When you break it down $25,000 = $12.50 per hour. Compare this to the $8 per hour that stores like CVS or Staples pays, or the meagre $6 that Waldbaums shells out to its employees.

Anonymous said...

Waldbaums' employees
don't have the serious responsibility
of upholding the law and keeping the peace !

Carrying a badge and a gun
puts those wearing the blue uniform in more jeopardy than dealing with a ketchup spill in isle #3 !

Anonymous said...

another story about Bloomberg's phony city... I gotta get outta here.

Anonymous said...

remember, that 25g salary is while they are in the accademy - they get a raise they day they graduate