Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This is just plain bad

New renderings for a 12-story condo tower planned for the corner of Fourth Avenue and Seventh Street on the Gowanus end of Park Slope show what happens when a developer wants to build on a lot he doesn’t fully own. When completed next year, the L-shaped tower, at 410 Fourth Ave., will cast a shadow over the four-story building in its lap, a historic property that the developer couldn’t buy.

Fourth Avenue on the rise

Photo from the Brooklyn Paper


verdi said...

A mutant monster....totally out of context !

Anonymous said...

He will apply pressure until he gets the corner buildings, then he will complete the block.

Manhattan has lots of example of this - some were never completed.

We need to pass legislation to protect surrounding homeowners from this abuse.

Quiet and sunlight is a right to any homeowner or tennant.

Anonymous said...

homeowners in NYC have no rights. They are at the complete mercy of developers who are entitled to do whatever they like, so long as they grease enough palms.

Anonymous said...

you dont see brownstoner talking about queens

what, did you run out of crap