Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tissue box architecture

Wondering what this is?

It's a crappified Manhattan library.

ONE OF THE great things about the Morgan Library on 36th and Madison was that it used to reflect (and indeed protect) the glories of European civilization. Since its recent renovation, however, it merely expresses the post-civilization status of the mother continent. One cannot help but feel bad for poor Mr. Morgan, who would surely frown upon the vulgarity which has been thrust upon his life's achievement: one of the finest collections of manuscripts, rare books, and drawings in the entire world.

The Architects: They Really Hate Us

How incredibly sad.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Somebody ought to
"Shoot The Piano Player"
(relax....ha, violence intended)
or in this case Renzo Piano.....did I get that right ? !!!

This "architect's" name is as ridiculous
as as his "creation".

Sounds like an Italian drag queen
or some librarian's gigolo!

Anonymous said...

If you're just now discovering Piano, you have larger problems. This is an excellent building and a strong contribution to the museum and neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

What was wrong with the original design?

Anonymous said...

What a shame. It should have been landmarked.

Anonymous said...

How does this contribute to the neighborhood or the museum?

Anonymous said...

I've discovered Piano a long time ago......
can't say that I think much of him !

Obliterating a classic facade
amounts to nothing less than architectural rape !

In your opinion..... a "contribution".
In the opinion of many learned critics..... an eyesore !