Friday, September 28, 2007

The walls of Jericho

Here's yet another scoop from the Katz litterbox. Check out the "before" photo of 110-15 63rd Drive. Nice yard. And now, after:

This was sent in by a concerned Forest Hills resident.


Anonymous said...

In a row of garden apts??? They gotta be kidding! I remember appreciating the uniform Tudor/Ranch character of the blocks. Since when did the regulations become extinct?

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what tacky Euro-money will buy.....
certainly not class!

Are these Bukharian-barbarian bastiles
or Ruskie-mobskie dachas? !!!
(They're similar in style to those grandiose
Sicilian shit houses that have destroyed Malba).

Forest Hills is definitely sinking below sea level
in the architectural arena!

The Gardens will be the only tasteful
remaining oasis..... or ghetto if you will....
surrounded by a sea of shit!

I'm moving to St. Petersburg !

Anonymous said...

If you want a yard move to the suburbs. It's only a matter of time before all the trees in Queens will be on display in a tree museum. :(


Anonymous said...

Queens is suburban you dope!


And my 3 arching 80 year old trees
will remain on my property
as long as they're in healthy condition!

Anonymous said...

I live two blocks from this house, and it gives me mixed feelings.

On one hand, I hated the suburban uniformity of the attached rowhouses on that block.

On the other hand, I also hate the McMansions that are replacing them.