Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gunman on SJU campus

Maybe all the Queens Crap drove him insane.

Man with rifle nabbed on St. John's University campus

Gunman arrested on St. John's University campus; No injuries

Photo from NY Post


Anonymous said...

ny1 news did an early report on this incident, which was incredibly lame. Roma Tori spoke to this student on campus, who turned out not to have seen the gunman. So Roma then tries to salvage the interview by asking the student about friends of his who'd heard rumors about what went on. Needless to say I clicked off the tv in disgust.

Anonymous said...

How the hell did a bulky long arm
such as a rifle get on campus undetected?

Anonymous said...

In this morning's Newsday, the gunman's daddy is quoted as saying "it's all a misunderstanding." DUH? The guy arrested may have mental health issues, but carrying a loaded, even with just 1 round, rifle onto a college campus ain't no "misunderstanding." If the cops had shot this guy, someone would probably be screaming discrimination!

Anonymous said...

It was a misunderstanding on the part of the parents to have given birth to this psychopathic cripple who was intending to kill a whole bunch of innocent young people.

Anonymous said...

Was it "daddy's" gun ?
How did his kid get a hold of it?

I guess that "daddy" didn't properly secure his weapon.

I hope the police revoke "daddy's" gun permit !

Anonymous said...

Ah......the mental defense.....a misunderstanding.

With universities and colleges becoming the hotbed
of violence and mass murder these days.....
maybe periodic psychological testing of students
ought to be adopted as a safety measure.
You know.....
the old school nurse can check them out
or something.

Oh.....forgive me.....there would be an outcry.

My kid is a good kid.....
and this is a violation of privacy.

In the meantime.....I'm buying my kid body armor
come next semester.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you know? Murderers are the real "victims." How dare their victims lead a happy life while others are suffering.

/sarcasm off

Anonymous said...

How could it be a misunderstanding when this kid sent an email to a Queens lawyer 3 months ago about purchasing a weapon? Premeditation, anyone?

See the Daily News.

Anonymous said...

Does this rifleman look Middle Eastern to anyone else?

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!!! I'm "profiling".

It's kept me alive until now. Profiling is good!

Why did the news reports remain silent on this matter? Wanna bet they have the answer, but it's politically incorrect to report the answer.

Anonymous said...

just heard on the news that the intended mass murderer only faces up to a year in jail. What a joke.