Wednesday, September 12, 2007

But it's a Karl Fischer project!

The parking lot for this will replace the Duffield Street Underground Railroad houses.

Down on Duffield

Contextual zoning is a great thing.


Anonymous said...

You mean a Karl "fishy" project.

This represents the ultimate disrespect !

To raze an important piece of Black History
and pave it over for the menial use
of serving as a parking lot for the new " masters "
who will be occupying these luxury flats.....
is recasting the role of slavery in the 21st century !

Urban renewal (once again) equals Black removal !

Anonymous said...

...perhaps they'll hang a portrait of harriet tubman in the lobby to make amends.

Anonymous said...

We currently have
one of the most arrogant and openly racist administrations
that this city has seen in recent memory!

This "wealthy elite"
once again imposes their new master race edict....
"crush the undesirables".

They're not permitted by law to use interment camps
but they can certainly evict
"certain" members of society from their homes
and drive residents out of their neighborhood.

A not so subtle form of "ethnic cleansing" !

Anonymous said...

Actually that new building looks really good. This article isn't about the building but about the houses that would come down to build a park near the building.
The plan is to create a park similar to Bryant Park, with underground parking. I thought this blog and its supporters are in favor of adding parks, greenspace and underground parking. It seems like people here are being hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

"Actually that new building looks really good."

This blog is about overdevelopment and this is a prime example. Look at how this building towers over its next door neighbors.

"It seems like people here are being hypocritical."

Private land grab under the guise of benefitting the public. Where you got the idea that Queens Crap is in favor of underground parking garages is beyond me. In fact, it's the administration that seems to be hypocritical in this situation, for they should be encouraging less car use (and therefore less parking) if they want more people taking public transportation...

Anonymous said...

I don't know why anyone pays attention to the anonymous posts that are obvious developer "moles". Ignore them. Don't give them any response to their asinine stimuli. It's not worth the energy it takes to type.

Unknown said...

speaking of urban renweal = black removal, check this article out that's in today's NY Times

Anonymous said...

The point is that the houses that will be coming down
should have been landmarked for their important role in the history of the Underground Railroad.

But our co-opted LPC
does the bidding of Bloomberg and his boys,
and were "persuaded" to reject designation.

Add them to the list of elitist racists.

Anonymous said...

"But our co-opted LPC
does the bidding of Bloomberg and his boys,"

Look, guys, every problem in this city cannot be traced to Bloomberg - the rot in the preservation community has been around for a number of years.

The problem is the preservation community is not doing their work - most of them got landmarked years ago so they don't give a flying f*ck about the rest of us. They have their head up their preppie asses.

Overturn the damn landmarks law already and lets start from scratch.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see human rights commission even dare to nominate someone that has the resume that the preservation community gives a free pass on some of the LPC commissioners.

A racist in human rights will inspire a media outcry and street protests.

A develper on LPC inspires a gassy letter, if that much.

So of course, they will get away with murder. Preservation needs leadership - we don't have it now.

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone here keep harping on landmarking when the more important issue should be zoning?

Anonymous said...

Because "zoning" is riddled with too many loopholes.

The only genuine protection that a nabe can get
is municipal landmark status...... that's why!