Thursday, September 20, 2007

NY State Pavilion video from 1964

"Some places make you happy just to be in them."

That's a quote from a promotional film called "To The Fair," made during the 1964-65 New York World's Fair. It was referring to the New York State Pavilion, the grand structure designed by Philip Johnson. On a video I just posted on YouTube, you can see just what we've lost by allowing the NYSP to crumble into the rusting hulk it has become today.

The film shows a family strolling into the pavilion, under the stunning colorful canopy. The little girl is so excited she does cartwheels. It gives you some idea of what a splendid space this was. Next, they head up the elevator to the observation deck, where a spectacular view of the fairgrounds can be had.

I wish everybody who has the power to restore this building would watch this video - it just might get the ball rolling. - Bob Bobster


Anonymous said...

awesome. I never knew there were stairs leading up to the observatory decks.

Two guys in the flick climb all the way up them after missing the elevator. Arriving at the top they spot two chicks down below. Their next move was probably to dash back down.

Pretty entertaining promo. Guess everything made in the 60's sort of was.

Anonymous said...

Those stairs are still there, but you wouldn't want to try using them. They're in such bad shape it would be dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Our gutless politicians should be tied up to chairs in a locked room and be forced to watch this film over and over until they are "programmed" to support the Pavilion's restoration at the next City Council session.

Normally, I wouldn't support Guantanamo-style "persuading" tactics, but I'm desperate to see the Pavilion restored.

Anonymous said...

if our politicians were just tied up, period, and indefinitely left locked up in a room I think we'd all be better off.

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe the could raze it and store soccor balls their!