Friday, September 14, 2007

Queens building plans to be online

If you've ever wondered what that newly dug construction site down the block is going to be, the Buildings Department's Queens office has just made it easier for you to find out.

This week the agency unveiled a program at its Queens headquarters that will allow professionals - and the public - to scan documents associated with building projects and retrieve them online.

The Buildings Scan and Capture Application Network, or B-SCAN, already is up and running in the three other outer boroughs. It was first launched on Staten Island on April 20, in the Bronx on June 25, and in Brooklyn on July 30.

Building project documents to be available online

Beginning today, Queens residents and Buildings customers will benefit from this next-generation document management system. B-SCAN:

* Enables the online retrieval construction permit applications;
* Provides online access to most job folder contents on the Internet via BISWeb;
* Empowers Buildings staff to electronically manage construction permit applications;
* Allows most job filing documents to be managed, retrieved, archived and accessed online;
* Provides access to virtually all documents associated with New Building and Alteration permit applications (with the exception of architectural plans).



Anonymous said...

The proposed B scan is system is worthless since the DOB's policy for documents such as the new "BC-1 form" a form utilized to obtain reconsiderations and pre-reconsiderations that allow
contractors exemptions from complying with the Building and Zoning Codes, expressly states on the form "DO NOT SCAN". what is the purpose then of scanning all other documents? what happened to the DOB policy of transparancy??!! It is a farce.

Anonymous said...

Without being able to see the architectural plans
how can you really know exactly what's being built.

Another Pat Lancaster jerk off !

Anonymous said...

Exactly so, if not scanning reconsiderations granted by a DOB official as well as not scanning the drawings what use is this to the public??? It is completely useless. Scan the recons and the drawings, DOB take responsibility for what your officials sign off on and what your examiners approve!!