Wednesday, September 26, 2007


By KENNETH LOVETT, Post Correspondent

Critics of Gov. Spitzer's decision to grant driver's licenses to illegal aliens warned yesterday that it will make it easier for noncitizens to register to vote.

"They can vote, [and] they're not even legal," said Republican Senate Majority leader Joseph Bruno, who yesterday changed gears from Monday, when he was receptive to Spitzer's action.

Speaking on WROW-AM radio in Albany, Bruno said he believes part of Spitzer's intent in allowing driver's licenses for illegal immigrants was to get more Democratic voters.

"This is a political move on the part of the governor to get these people beholden to him," Bruno said.

Under state election law, a person registering to vote must provide only a Social Security number or a valid state driver's license as proof of identification.

A person must also sign an affidavit that he or she is a citizen of the United States, although the state Board of Elections does not ask for proof of citizenship, said board spokesman Lee Daghlian.

Spitzer spokeswoman Jennifer Givner said some noncitizens had long been able to get driver's licenses before the governor announced his change last week, and nobody raised the voting issue.


Anonymous said...

Finally someone is waking up!!! I really didn't like Bruno until now. He's got my support on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Hey BossTweed imported his votes....
Irish famine immigrants in the 1840s.

So Spitzer likes Mexicans etc. (whatever)!

verdi said...

There's an interesting legal point here.

If the voters are are the votes.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if there's a group out there
ready to file a lawsuit against the Gov for this.

H-m-m-m.....if the Florida gov (Bush's brother)
can steal votes....surely Governor Spitzer
can spit in the face of democracy
by importing votes and padding the
election results with illegally cast ballots.

Do state's rights now include fudging
election results?

Heil Spitzer!
What a sorry state of affairs!

Anonymous said...

Seems like Bruno is an avid reader of El Crappo cause we came to that conclusion about 2 or 3 hours after the announcement and you didn't read it anywhere else!

Remember, you read it here first!!

Blogs rule!

Anonymous said...

Spitzer is a asshole.

Anonymous said...

Some don't need a driver's license.

Ever almost been run down
by one of those Mexican Mercedes
BMC bicycles.....two riding double ?

I tell you...the sidewalks aren't even safe!

Anonymous said...

Set aside whatever you like or don't like about Bruno, but Spitzer has been abusing the office and lying and pressuring others to lie (suborning perjury) about the entire "Troopergate" scandal. [How about the $175,000 bribe to the previously dismissed, but now re-employed subordinate?]

Don't care? Wait 'till he gets around to you.

Spitzer's on a rampage now. He's like the NYC Health Commissioner Frieden who was embarrassed by the failure to find rats and who now closes down every eatery in sight.

And he's going to guarantee the next election victory with illegal votes from illegal aliens.

Anonymous said...

How did the board of elections check voter registrations for citizenship prior to the requirement of using Social Security numbers to obtain drivers licenses? The laws requiring Social Security numbers for drivers' licenses is relatively new - post 9/11/01. When I registered to vote, I do not recall having to include any information except my address and the political party I wanted to be affiliated with - how does the board of elections check for citizenship now on registrations?

Anonymous said...

Democratic Dictionary


the breed of the 'yellow dog democrat,' also known as an 'illegal alien voter.'

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely disgusting!!! It's just another example of how illegal aliens are getting help from our own government in hijacking the system.

Anonymous said...