Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fossella, where art thou?

According to local press reports, the property is already in contract to be sold to a developer. We all know that once the deal is closed, all the buildings on the lot will be leveled and new ‘luxury condos” will be built in its place. Not only will a much-beloved building be lost but the resulting massive development will strain our already overloaded infrastructure.

Open Letter from the Committee to Save the Bay Ridge United Methodist Church to Congressman Fossella

Congressman Fossella’s subcommittee has had over 2 years to formulate recommendations for this site should it be placed on the market. There has not been one word from this task force or its subcommittee reported in the press. Our community desperately needs help in protecting this valuable landmark and other properties in the neighborhood which are also at risk.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Vito has joined the "DONS" of development.
Anyone know who funded Fossella's campaign ?

Anonymous said...

These churches are the Trojan Horse of developers used to break up a community (they are exempt from certain laws the private developers)

They are in trouble because they have lost touch with the community, now they compound the problems by solving it in this fashion.

This land was donated - the least they could do is pass it on to someone else for the same purchase, instead of putting church salaries as their top priority.