Monday, September 24, 2007

Window on art crappo architecture

Have a nicely kept modest home on a large piece of property, but want to cash in on it?
Sell it to a developer, who will replace your one-family house with 4 shiny new gaudy-looking units! Make sure it's a real shady developer too, one that receives a lot of complaints and fines. Why not stick it to your neighbors? This beaut is at 58-34 74th Street at the edge of Maspeth. The accompanying lot is 58-36 74th Street. One thing positive about it is that there's no 'stairway to heaven' here. But the dressy window pattern is a little over the top.


Jennifer said...

Silly me thought this was a Fire House.

Anonymous said...

where do they find these architects?? don't they understand anything about aesthetics or good taste?? they are worse than 1st year design students at a 2 year college!!! Its a shame what people do for money... I hope he/she is proud of this contibution to beautify queens. ( they probably live in great neck and don't care).

Anonymous said...

That was an ugly house to begin with.

verdi said...

Architects ?
A $10 computer home design program
bought at Staples is more likely!

Anonymous said...

Better than those white brick rusty balcony pieces of crap all over. Ugly nonetheless.