Monday, September 24, 2007



September 24, 2007 -- Two people died and two were seriously hurt in a raging two-alarm blaze in Brooklyn last night, officials said.

The inferno broke out just after midnight in the attic of a three-story house on East 19th Street near Beverley Road in Flatbush. The names and ages of the victims were withheld, but a neighbor said a teenage boy perished.

"I've been friends with him for a long time," the anguished friend said. "He's a cool kid. It's sad that he had to go out like that."

One injured child was in critical condition at New York Community Hospital. Another youngster suffered burns and was being treated at Kings County.

Authorities are investigating whether the attic apartment, which was home to six people, had been rented illegally.


Anonymous said...

Another deadly consequence of illegal immigration!

Anonymous said...

6 people living in an attic of a 3 story house is criminal? People do need to live somewhere but at the expense of their own lives?

Illegal immigrants live so to speak in an underworld and quite possibly their living arrangement is another example of a dangerous living situation that has become prevalent in Queens. In order for the attic to be legal - a seperate stairway on the outside must be in place - a fire stairwell. I feel badly for these children and their families - this should never have happened - the city and property owner are responsible for this tragedy. The city must slow the permit system and allow community board hearings on all new building permit applications for commercial properties and homes designed for 2 families or more. Illegal immigrants cannot be tolerated nor accommodated, after all they are illegal!

Anonymous said...

I always like how the NYFD calls the cause 'poor wiring' which is code for 'wiring overloaded from an illegal conversion.'

Why don'they come out and say it? Can someone look into this?

If the public starts to hear these things they might start to connect the dots!!

Anonymous said...

Yet another immigrant/poor person killed and do their groups come out against these life threatening conditions.

oooohhhh nnnnoooo...

they, like everyone else, lets the developers write their agenda.

Everything can be solved with building more 'affordable housing!'

Anonymous said...

I've heard they have built in permanent built in escape ladders that can be installed into homes. This type of product might have saved a life by providing a way out of a window. I think they are called PEARL.