Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Piano Man will sing Shea's swan song

[Billy] Joel is...set to be the final performer at Shea Stadium, doing a string of concerts at the stadium, which is set for demolition after the 2008 Mets season, sources confirmed Monday.

Two big honors for Billy Joel

No dates are set for Joel's Shea Stadium run... (Obviously, the Mets' playoff fortunes next year could factor into that.) Joel has already played Yankee Stadium and captured that in the concert film "Live at Yankee Stadium" in 1990, but never Shea.


georgetheatheist said...

I'd rather hear Uncle Floyd.

Anonymous said...

"now Paul is a real estate novelist, who never had time for a wife..."

Anonymous said...

A fitting performer to signal the end of an ugly, uncharismatic hunk of rusting steel and chipped concrete.

Anonymous said...

Now Tommy's a real estate criminal
Who never had time for a permit.

And he's bribing them all
Down at ole' city hall

And building real pieces of shit.

Anonymous said...

Shea Stadium.

The original piece of Queens Crap.

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

"now Tommy's a real estate criminal..."

good song. Should have it produced.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some of Wellington's boys are posting....
or ....pew.....passing wind !

Anonymous said...

I saw the Beatles perform there.....way back in the day.

That was some show....
even way up in the nose bleed section!

Anonymous said...

I saw the Stones at shea about 15 years ago. It was a nightmare.

A guard at the gate told us that if we gave him a bribe he would get us better seats. So we did, give him one, but when we got to the seats another security guard or usher (?) wanted a bribe too.

Refusing to give him one we wound up without seats and had to watch the show by sitting under the rafters with some pigeons. Midway through my friend got sick from all the booze we'd drunk, in FMCP prior to the show.

So we had to leave, and walk to main street where we caught the bus home.

Anonymous said...

It's five o’clock on a Sunday
The regular sleaze shuffles in
There’s a pink man sitting next to me
Getting drunk and thinking ‘bout sin

He says ‘son can you find me a hot granny?
Don’t really care if she’s old
‘Cause I’m pink as beat
And the evening’s complete
When I rip her out of her clothes’

Buy me a drink, I’m the Pinky Man
Buy me a drink tonight
Cause we’re all in the mood for a felony
And that granny’s lookin’ alright.

Now Joe is a bumbling detective
Who never had brains or a clue
He’s as dumb as a mouse
And as big as a house
But he’ll dig up some dirt about you.

He says ‘Pinky, I think this is killing me’
As a cannoli was stuffed in his face
‘Well I’m sure that Bob will be councilman…
Once you resign in disgrace’

Now Jake is a stuttering counselor
Who needs to rebuild his sad life
He’s in need of a pal,
So he’s talking with Sal
Since they both got thrown out by the wife.

And the secretary’s shootin’ up heroin
As Mugsy goes out for some coke
Yes, they’re friends of the pink man called Gallagher
And everyone thinks they’re a joke.

Find me a whore, I’m the Pinky Man
Find me a whore tonight
Cause I’m sure in the mood for a felony
And that granny’s lookin’ alright.

It’s a pretty sad crowd for a Sunday night
And Pinky’s passed out on the floor.
They say ‘go get a life’ and ‘go back to your wife’
But the Pinky Man just wants a whore.

And the Pinky Man’s practicing ‘politics’
He doesn’t accept the word ‘no’
‘Cause he sits at the bar
And drives drunk in his car
And it’s back to his office they go.

Now Pinky Man’s facing his 25
But Pinky won’t shoulder the blame
He becomes a big clown
As he goes about town
Saying ‘she wanted me, I was framed’

Buy me a drink, I’m the Pinky Man
Buy me a drink tonight
Cause we’re all in the mood for a felony
And that granny’s lookin’ alright.

georgetheatheist said...

The first nomination for the Grammy (Granny) Awards!

Anonymous said...

...applause, applause!!!

All you need is a title for the song and I believe you've got a hit on your hands that'll make the pop charts and be made into an MTV video.

Perhaps Madonna or Paula Abdul could play the granny and Billy Joel, Gallagher since Joel does have a bit of a drinking problem too.

Anonymous said...

If you didn't drink so much (Stones Concert poster)
you wouldn't have gotten sick.....but what the hell....
I'm sure Mick would have loved it !

Puking ("Goat's Head Soup") beats listening I suppose !

Hey...."Let It Bleed" !!!

Anonymous said...

I Miss Uncle Floyd (another "Piano Man") and OOGIE on Channel 68 back in the day.

I will not miss Shea Stadium (or here in DC, RFK, soon to be the ex-home of the Nationals).

Anonymous said...

Uncle Floyd and....wasn't it.....Mr. Bones ?

God bless Jersey!

Anonymous said...

I was born on Opening day of Shea Stadium, and have been a mets fan since a child.. my dad, who paased away today took me every year to watch the Mets. That place will always be special because of the memories and because of my dad. I will be sad to see it go.. can anyone tell me where I can get a seat or something after it's gone?

Anonymous said...

Seems Billy's "Last Play" at Shea is a volatile issue... check out this site that just cropped up: