Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Illegal apartment killed him

About 14 members of the extended family from Haiti lived in the three-story wood-frame E. 19th St. house in converted apartments with a jury-rigged electrical system, a fire source said.

"Nothing was up to code," the source said. "The apartment had been sliced into rooms, with practically every room being rented out. It was a regular hotel."

Fire inspectors said wiring on the third floor sparked the blaze.

Hero boy dies trying to save 2 from fire

The Buildings Department inspected and issued citations for illegal partitions and occupancy. The department was looking into whether the building was illegally converted, said spokeswoman Kate Lindquist.

Photo from Daily News


Anonymous said...

damn the DOB and their ineffectual citations.

Anonymous said...

The DOB is totally corrupt and useless. They exist to suck the life out of New York and New Yorkers. In this case, they literally did suck the life out of someone.

Anonymous said...

This is funny. My dictionary has a blank between definitions for the words 'illbred' and 'illegitimate.'

Must be a 'Democratic Dictionary!'

What fun! A new word!

Go to it lads!

Anonymous said...

Those SOBs at the DOB!
They were "looking into whether the building was illegally converted"!

A little too late for that now.

The building should be seized
and let the owner lose his shirt!
DOB fines don't mean a thing to a pig like this.
They are a tragic joke !

Anonymous said...

The DOB "inspected and issued citations for illegal partitions and occupancy." So couldn't they tell from this that the building was illegally converted, without having to conduct further research into the matter? It's too idiotic to be believed.

Anonymous said...

They have a special department in Hell for the DOBers that have crossed over......the slow roast section!

Anonymous said...

In the vast chain of money passing....
from developers to DOB inspectors to politicos.....
a couple of deaths are considered
acceptable levels of collateral damage!