Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rizzo's just renovatin'?

A QC reader wrote in depressed over spying a plywood fence of doom at Rizzo's Italian Village on 21st Street in Astoria. But a check of the permits indicates they are only doing renovations. Let me know if you guys hear anything more.


Anonymous said...

Yea, rennovations are now an excuse for demolition and of course, since all these 2-bit developers are on a shoe string (it takes time to hide the cash from the tax man - you have to do it bit by bit) they now take years for these little projects.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see the restaurant return...great little place with good food and pleasant service.

Anonymous said...

Forget about a cute place unless you are a day laboror or the like. It will likely be Bangladeshi, Brazalian, Mexican, or Equadorian: prime tweeded populations. This is afterall Elmhurst West.

The Greeks and Italians increasingly see Astoria as an investment, not a place to live.

Unlike the previous generations that valued the community, and passed it on to new groups, those guys don't give two shits, all they see is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and they will treat the community accodingly.

Anonymous said...

There was this stoolie named Pete Rizzo
in Henry Hathaway's film "Kiss of Death" .

Richard Widmark (Tommy Udo)
pushed his wheelchair bound mom
down a flight of stairs.....a very shocking scene.
(Don't worry......
this ain't meant as an insult to Italians....
and certainly not the innuendo
of a concealed threat).

But this does look like the kiss of death for Rizzos.

Too bad....a great place!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe it. On valentines day the line was out the door. The decor was unreal. Christmas ;lights in summerbut hey with thesounds of Sinatra in the background it made for a great place. The sangria was to die for.