Thursday, September 13, 2007

Harlem building owner in trouble

The city Department of Buildings yesterday vowed to crack down on the owners of an unstable Harlem building, saying the landlords falsely claimed the structure was empty when they applied for a permit to convert it to condos.


"When they false-file, it is illegal and unsafe and we will take action," DOB Commissioner Patricia Lancaster said of the owners, Manhattan North Management.

"We will take them to the mat for this. We'll make an example of people who false-file."

The seven-story, 84-unit building at 305 W. 150th St. was evacuated Tuesday evening after the 27 families who live there complained that construction for the conversion to condos had left the structure on the verge of collapse.

Here's the best part:

It was not until the Fire Department was called to the seven-story building late Tuesday and discovered a rash of potential fire hazards that the building was declared unsafe and its tenants evacuated.

Building Declared Safe the Day of an Evacuation, Records Show

But according to records of the Department of Buildings, a building inspector had responded to a complaint of unsafe demolition practices in the building earlier that day, and had determined that the building was indeed sound.


Anonymous said...

Why doesnt city council pass yet another headline catching but ultimatly meaningless bill....

Anonymous said...

That DOB "inspector" should get reamed
for the bribe he probably took !

the Department of Business As Usual
should be their real name !

Anonymous said...

A building inspector declared the structure sound. I fire inspector declared the building unsafe. Well these are not related at all. The fire dept didn't declare the structure unsafe and the building inspector did not declare that the structure met the fire code. That is why we have seperate departments. As a building inspector I would not cite fire dept. codes. I am aware of many fire dept codes and notify the fire dept. whe I see violations but I would never assume the position of fire inspector and the fire dept. inspectors here treat me the same way.

Anonymous said...

Hi.... I love your story and shake my head when I see that no one was held accountable for this. Did the tenant advocacy organization ever address this issue? I remember that there was significant publicity on this but learned that the building is now going to be a condo minus- of course the tenants who originally lived there.