Sunday, September 16, 2007

Why people leave NYC

The Daily News presents:

Four tales of city dwellers who fled New York


Kevin Walsh said...

If this link were in curbed, the responses would be "good riddance."

I read it in QC, and my response is that NYC mortgages and rents are out of control and once we get past the mindset of judging RE prices from the seller's POV instead of the buyer's, (at least in some cases) NYC will continue along its unaffordable track.

Anonymous said...

"The report showed that in 2005, 300,000 people left New York, and only 200,000 arrived from across the U.S. and other countries to replace them."

Hell, if you add up the old Greek ladies in Astoria renting out their basements you could easily make up the difference.

Anonymous said...

So what is the source of this double digit population growth of Queens?

Does the machine place a big neon sign over the borough that says 'Tweeding done here' that attracks all those day laborers?

Anonymous said...

Now I am getting a little confused. Did not the mayor and city council state we NEED to plan for another million and are busily spending my tax money for this?

To them this is more important than my dirty streets or apathetic community board or hollowed out police and fire protection.

What is going on?

Anonymous said...

The Daily News headline says there are four tales of people leaving NY, but the article only has three. The Trinidadian from Brooklyn, the Tennesseans who moved back, and the Brooklynite whose child is autistic. Am I missing one? Weird.

Anonymous said...

I left NY in 1984 and have never missed the city. There is life west of the Hudson River, everybody!

Anonymous said...

The NYC of today is not the NYC those of us that grew up here once knew so well. It's become a cesspool for spoiled brats living in these poorly constructed new shithole condo buildings who think they are the shit.

Anonymous said...

The wealthy still live in their towers.....
high above the din.

They circle their wagons
and care little for the marauding "savages"
from the "outer boroughs".

The doorman will deny them access .

H-m-m-.m.....and who do you suppose
the contractor that you've just hired
to spruce up your "luxury" condo will be employing
to do the actual work ?

You got it laborers from Queens !

Anonymous said...

Dude, why such a "long face", you escaped the Big Apple for Nashville!

Anonymous said...

What, don't they love the 'divesity?'

What is their problem - its so important that for the past 25 years you cannot put the word 'Queens' in print without saying 'diversity' in the next breath.