Saturday, September 15, 2007

Trib has answer to why we flood

Check this editorial out:

We have brought this mess upon ourselves, and now we are stuck hip deep in literal and figurative storm water that will not recede.

A Rising Tide

..the problem, simply put, is that we have replaced topsoil and absorbent ground with sloping cement and asphalt. We simply have no way of absorbing the water we once could filter when it rained.

We have replaced the land around us with homes that exceed a natural footprint, with expanded lanes on highways, with new apartment buildings and shopping centers –we have taken away the naturally absorbent land that worked to keep our basements dry for so many years.

Could it be that the media is finally getting it?

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Anonymous said...

And let's not forget the contribution to the flooding Commissar is making.

There are a number of reports of Bloomberg’s determination to cover the land in the parks with artificial turf.

This stuff prevents rainwater from soaking into the earth as has happened since the beginning of time.

So where does that water go? Some goes onto any nearby soil, which now has exceeded capacity, so that excess runs to the streets to enter stormdrains, contributing to excess capacity there too.

So, your basements, garages, family rooms and furniture are next.

The Commissar didn't get flooded. He did get his kickbacks from the turf manufacturer (for all we know, he owns the manufacturer, so his kickbacks are called "profits"), so shaddup and go screw yourself!

When all this water is running off the artificial turf into your homes, where do you think the pellets that just might be cancer causing, are going? Since they sit on top of the surface of the turf (at least before the rain started), the pellets floated with the water.

Have FEMA check your house for the presence of these pellets. If you have the pellets, thank Bloomberg, Benepe and Gallagher for them. Then ask FEMA how to get rid of them. They are likely just as dangerous as asbestos. And just might require the same care in removal.

Anonymous said...

Duh......holy hell....
we've been tellin' ya that all along!

Now.....let's try a simple "Mr. Wizzard" experiment: a large absorbent sponge or towel
on top of your kitchen table.
Next.... start to empty a glass of water onto it.
It gets sucked up and your table stays dry.

Try the same thing.....
this time pouring the same water
over a large brick placed in the middle of the table.
That doesn't work so well.....
and the water runs down onto the floor !

you've just earned a certificate
of hydraulic engineering
from the Queens Crap Institute!

Are ya listenin' Mayor Dumb-berg, C.M. Katz
and da rest 'o ya politico/builder fools out there
who think that f-----g with Mother Nature
doesn't have its consequences !

Anonymous said...

the Trib may be speaking from direct experience. The squat building that their headquarters is located in is completely surrounded by concrete pavement without a blade of grass in sight.

Anonymous said...

The flooding from development hit Crawl-ley, which was embarrassing and made it to the press. Even worse, the machine had an unexpected big public outcry on this that from many people in different neighborhoods. This is dangerous in that people may now start to link overdevelopment not only with flooding, but with the power grid, traffic, etc etc.

Will things really change after this ‘concern’? Naw, they are probably planning to announce a big sewer project that ‘will take care of population growth for the next 50 years’ or something like that.

The protests will quiet down.

When we get flooding in the future, they will point to their little plan asking for patience.

Meanwhile, they will continue to build pushing dealing with the problem (like the national debt) to the next generation.

georgetheatheist said...

In order for nature to be commanded, it must be obeyed. - Ayn Rand

Anonymous said...

Once in awhile I liked to see the Trib come up with something that we didn't know.

Skankler is an asswipe! (Of course everyone knows that too.)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good observation mr. taxpayer. I always enjoy your posts.

you make this site more entertaining.

thank you,

Anonymous said...

It is not only new buildings going up many homeowners are paving their back yards because they do not want to be bothered with maintenance.

verdi said...

EXCELLENT....."George" !

Anonymous said...

...raking leaves and mowing can be a pain, I have to say.

Anonymous said...

Using a wet-vac in your flooded cellar
can be even more of a pain !

Anonymous said... none of this stuff made the news.....
until Crowley's and Katz's basements got flooded.

And both of them thought they were too high toned
to to get the shitty end of the stick with the rest of us !

Anonymous said...


We should get married. I love to hear words like that.

Anonymous said...

Stick a toothpick with a little flag on it
in the next "floatable" that you see
and I'll race you for first place.....second....
or maybe turd!

Anonymous said...

I'll serve as best man, giving me a chance to kiss the bride!