Monday, September 17, 2007

Merrick Blvd multi-unit crap

Here is some new housing on Merrick Blvd in Jamaica. Lovely design, isn't it?
This develop- ment is just about an entire block long.
Don't get the design plan. Or why Citibank would want to put their logo on the con- struction fence. Oh wait, this is an "urban renewal" project. Looks like Friedrich crap to me.


Anonymous said...

Crap begets more crap....and soon becomes multi-crap !

Anonymous said...

crapper, get educated, its affordable housing

this is what you get

you cant have it both ways

and why not thank the organization that built it. They used alot of their own money.

your fact checking is non existent

Queens Crapper said...

"you cant have it both ways"
"your fact checking is non existent"

Please give me a good reason why affordable housing can't be aesthetically pleasing. And please tell me what "facts" I missed.