Saturday, September 15, 2007

Attached nightmare

This fine specimen is located on 102-41 63 Road in Forest Hills. Originally built in 1945, its latest owner has embarked on an expansion of this R4 dwelling. Earlier this summer, he was slapped with a Stop Work order, not that it will stop him. Nothing's worse than a homeowner of an attached house who sticks out like a sore thumb. Who cares what the neighbors think, right?

A second photo shows a thick brick fence on an attached cul-de-sac home. The yard is barely six feet wide, but you know what they say - A man's home is his castle! This home, is on 110-37 62 Drive. The trend towards building thick brick fences is evident all over Forest Hills. I can't stand the Iron-cross brick designs.



Anonymous said...

anyone who'd erect a brick fence like that on such a small property has to be a pretentious snob.

Anonymous said...

That's how we build front yard in my country.

Anonymous said...

A rea' "goombah" gate!

But the stainless steel could indicate Chinese .

They love that glitzy polished last-forever
low class look......but then again.....
so do the Ruskies and the Usbekies!

The nabe is begining to take a dive .

Anonymous said...

Those attached houses look like crap to begin with.
Now they look like real shit with this expansion!