Tuesday, September 25, 2007


What do you do if you live in a piece of Queens Crap, you know, one that has a ramp to the basement garage as a driveway, and it looks like rain?
You sandbag it, of course! This scene was seen on Calamus Avenue in Woodside.


Anonymous said...

rip open the bags, dump out the sand, and give the kiddies a place to play.

Anonymous said...

Every picture tells a story. See the typical garbage filth in front of this place? That tell you this crap and most others like it do not have a resident owner living in it.

Anonymous said...

How anyone can purchase a "home"
with a below grade steeply inclined garage entrance and not expect to get a swimming pool
in their basement during the next heavy rainfall
is beyond me .

Hey.....se la vie..... whatever floats your boat !